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Draft 2008
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180Williams, KennethWichita St UCFS/R6'00"1801986-05-22SR400K
810Thennis, DougTexas Tech U1BR/R6'03"2101986-02-19SR
270Strauss, RyanFlorida St URHPR/R6'02"2001985-10-21SR400K
120O'Neil, AndrewPenn St URHPR/R6'03"2001985-11-08SR
450Kuhn, TylerWest Virginia USSL/R5'10"1851986-09-09SR
1404Hayden, DanielXavier UCR/R5'10"2201984-05-29SR
600Greene, JustinFrancis Marion UCFR/R6'00"1851985-10-10SR
1110Doyle, JohnBoston ColRHPR/R6'04"2251985-11-02SR
780Castillo, JorgeFlorida International U1BL/R6'02"2251986-09-26SR
750Thompson, TaylorAuburn URHPR/R6'05"2251987-06-18SO400K
300Sauer, StephenArizona St URHPR/R6'02"1801986-08-13JR400K
86Morel, BrentCal Poly San Luis Obispo3BR/R6'01"2201987-04-21JR400K
420Merry, JordenU WashingtonRHPR/R6'01"1901987-06-30JR
330Leesman, CharlesXavier ULHPL/L6'04"2101987-03-10JR
570Kuehn, JustinSanta Clara URHPR/R6'02"1901987-06-09JR
150Hudson, DanielOld Dominion URHPR/R6'04"2151987-03-09JR400K
720Graffy, BrettU Notre DameRHPR/R6'02"1951987-03-12JR400K
630Garcia, AndrewUC Riverside2BS/R6'00"1751986-04-22JR
1377Fischer, LeeU Missouri ColumbiaSSR/R6'00"1751986-07-31JR
240Dubler, KevinIllinois St UCL/R6'01"2001987-02-18JR
210Danks, JordanU Texas AustinCFL/R6'05"2101986-08-07JR400K
390Carter, DexterOld Dominion URHPR/R6'06"1951987-02-05JR400K
540Billeaud, JoshuaU Southern MississippiRHPR/R6'03"2101987-03-22JR
8Beckham, JamesU GeorgiaSSR/R6'00"1751986-09-16JR400K
Comments: At first glance, he doesn't stand out. But then you watch him play for a little and can't help but be impressed. Beckham has quality at-bats and some pretty good pop, which is surprising, considering his size. He's capable of being an excellent defender, but might be better suited at second as a pro. He's the kind of college infielder who should come off the board quickly.
Enhanced Scouting Report
480Basham, BrettU MississippiCR/R6'02"2051986-09-08JR
660Vargas, JoseVentura Col3BR/R6'03"2251987-12-15J2
840Short, BrandonSt John's River CCCFR/R6'01"1951988-09-09J2
1140Domecus, SteveMoorpark ColCR/R6'03"2201987-06-29J2
990Young, EdwardChristian HS (CA)SSL/R5'11"1801989-10-19HS
510Weaver, JonathanEast Leyden HS (IL)RHPR/R6'03"1851990-05-20HS
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