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Draft 2008
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985Swegman, EricYoung Harris ColRHPR/R6'06"2151988-08-03J1
580Fuesser, ZacharyYork Comprehensive HS (SC)LHPL/L6'02"1901990-07-19HS
582Lewis, TaylorYavapai ColRHPR/R6'04"2051988-06-02J2
1130Harper, JustinYavapai ColRHPR/R6'03"2101988-06-10J2
202Lavarnway, RyanYale UCR/R6'04"2251987-08-07JR400K
507Irving, BrianYale URHPR/R6'02"2051986-04-24SR
1093Gilman, StevenYale URHPR/R6'01"1941985-10-01SR400K
330Leesman, CharlesXavier ULHPL/L6'04"2101987-03-10JR
1404Hayden, DanielXavier UCR/R5'10"2201984-05-29SR
814Warren, BrentXavier HS (IA)OFL/L6'03"1990-01-08HS400K
1061Vagedes, RossWright St URHPR/R6'02"2151985-04-20SR
198Parker, JustinWright St USSR/R6'01"1901987-03-14JR
166Hamilton, JeremyWright St U1BL/L6'00"1951986-11-13JR400K
1209Nelson, NateWorcester St Col1BR/R6'06"3001984-09-275S
1012Miller, BrandonWoodward Academy (GA)CR/R6'01"1901989-10-08HS
774Wilson, ZacharyWoodrow Wilson HS (CA)3BR/R6'01"1901990-08-06HS400K
14Hicks, AaronWoodrow Wilson HS (CA)OFS/R6'02"1701989-10-02HS400K
Comments: Hicks is one of the more athletic outfielders in the high school ranks and perhaps in the Draft class. How high he gets drafted depends on how highly people project what he can become. He's got a ton of tools, but will he learn how to use them? Someone is sure to take that chance.
Enhanced Scouting Report
189Brisker, MarkusWinter Haven HS (FL)CFR/R6'04"1921990-08-21HS400K
813Lowell, CharlesWinfield HS (MO)LHPL/L6'03"1990-10-25HS400K
1153Workman, JoshuaWichita St UCFL/R6'01"2001985-11-04SR
180Williams, KennethWichita St UCFS/R6'00"1801986-05-22SR400K
913Weber, RobertWichita St UCR/R6'03"2201986-02-25SR400K
667Smith, MatthewWichita St URHPR/R6'06"1986-11-02JR
65Shafer, AaronWichita St URHPL/R6'05"1951986-12-02JR400K
435Musgrave, RobertWichita St ULHPL/L6'01"2051985-09-26SR
37Gillaspie, ConorWichita St U3BL/R6'01"1951987-07-18JR400K
Comments: After a strong Cape season, Gillaspie has followed up with an excellent junior campaign. He's a terrific hitter and has been over .400 for most of the year. His lack of power makes it hard to profile him anywhere other than as a Bill Mueller-type third baseman. There are worse things to be, of course, and a team that values what Gillaspie can do will surely take him.
Enhanced Scouting Report
253Dirks, AndrewWichita St UCFL/L6'00"1951986-01-24SR
844Coleman, DustinWichita St USSR/R6'02"1851987-04-20SO400K
124Capra, AnthonyWichita St ULHPL/L6'01"2001987-04-03JR400K
1136Phelps, ThomasWhittier ColRHPR/R6'02"2151987-10-12JR
Page 1 of 51 [ 1504 player(s) found ]    »