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Draft 2008
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137Hollingsworth, PhillipWestern Michigan URHPR/R6'02"2001987-05-04JR400K
1307Feinberg, AlexanderVanderbilt U2BR/R5'10"1801986-04-29SR
347Walker, BrandonU Texas AustinLHPL/L6'01"2001987-06-09JR400K
557Jacobsen, ChadlerU South Carolina Aiken1BR/R6'01"2101986-04-03SR
887Baugh, MattU San FranciscoLHPL/L6'01"1901986-01-25SR
707Elam, SamuelU Notre DameLHPL/L6'04"2201987-06-16JR400K
467Rodriguez, JuanUniversidad del TuraboRHPR/R6'02"1861988-09-15J2400K
947Scurry, RodU Nevada RenoRHPR/R6'07"1901986-02-01SR
647Trice, TylerUNC Chapel HillRHPR/R6'04"2051986-05-16SR
527Deratt, AlanUNC AshevilleRHPR/R6'05"2251985-11-06SR
167Dominguez, ChristopherU Louisville3BR/R6'05"2351986-11-22JR400K
Comments: One of the bigger enigmas in the Draft class, Dominguez is eligible as a sophomore after red-shirting his freshman year back in 2006. Healthy now, he's been an impact player at the college level this season, but his performance has been extremely inconsistent. He'll look outclassed one moment and in a league of his own the next, leaving many a scout to scratch his head. Still, his size, strength, athleticism and potential all should pique someone's interest early enough.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1391Cesario, JamesU Houston2BL/R5'11"2001985-10-15JR
377Peisel, RyanU Georgia3BR/R6'03"1951986-06-14SR400K
317Dodson, StephenU GeorgiaRHPR/R6'05"2001985-08-29SR
857Zuanich, MichaelUC Santa BarbaraLFR/L6'04"2251986-07-10SR
1097Rose, PatrickUC Santa BarbaraOFR/R5'11"1901985-10-02SR
1472Uhl, RoyUC RiversideCFS/L5'08"1751987-04-02JR
587Orloff, BenUC Irvine2BR/R5'11"1701987-04-26JR
1364McAtee, BradleyUC DavisRHPR/R6'05"2151987-03-15JR400K
287Bennigson, CraigUC BerkeleyLHPR/L6'02"2151987-03-21JR400K
1067Gonzalez, MaikolTusculum Col2BR/R5'10"1751986-03-25SR
437Massey, JosephThe Baylor Schools (TN)1BL/L6'00"2051989-07-21HS400K
737Field, ThomasTexas St USSR/R5'10"1801987-02-22JR
767Burns, AndrewRocky Mountain HS (CO)SSR/R6'01"1801990-08-07HS
1217Quirk, KemerRockhurst HS (MO)OFR/R6'02"1801989-11-29HS
1247Espy, RichardRed Mountain HS (AZ)SSR/R6'01"1901989-10-30HS
1336Swagerty, MatthewPrestonwood Christian Academy (TX)RHPS/R6'00"1751989-07-14HS400K
1007Gates, AaronOrange Lutheran HS (CA)LHPL/L6'01"1851990-04-12HS400K
917Luna, CarlosOral Roberts URHPR/R5'11"1751986-10-05SR
103Weatherford, AaronMississippi St URHPR/R6'01"1891986-12-19JR400K
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