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Draft 2008
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959Freeman, JustinKennesaw St URHPR/R6'01"1701986-10-22JR
989Wrenn, TaylorLakeland Senior HS (FL)2BL/R5'11"1651989-12-22HS
1019Gardner, BryanIthaca ColLHPL/L5'11"1901986-10-08JR
1049Fairel, MatthewFlorida St ULHPL/L6'03"2101987-07-08SO400K
1079Gregersen, ErikStephen F Austin St URHPR/R6'05"2251986-09-19JR
1109Linebaugh, RandallBaylor URHPR/R5'11"1701985-10-02SR
1139Bowen, RichardMississippi St URHPR/R6'03"1781987-08-06JR400K
1169Konstanty, MichaelU Albany1BR/R6'04"2251986-04-17SR
1199Peterson, DavidLas Lomas HS (CA)RHPR/R6'05"2051990-01-04HS
1229Walker, JustinLamar ULHPL/L6'05"2251986-11-03JR
1259Merritt, BensonSouth Lincoln HSRHPR/R6'02"1901990-10-25HS
1289Gagner, BronsonParkview HS (GA)RHPR/R6'06"2501990-01-23HS
1319Coddington, KevinU Illinois ChicagoCR/R6'04"2051987-07-21JR
1348Lobban, BrendanSt Joseph Regional School (NJ)LHPL/L6'02"2141989-08-28HS
1376Hogue, JacksonMississippi St UCFS/R6'00"1931986-06-26SR
1403Torcise, DavidU South FloridaLHPL/L6'00"1851985-08-22SR
1430Monteith, KennethThe Morristown Beard School (NJ)RHPR/R6'02"2001989-10-05HS
1457White, PatrickWest Virginia UCFL/L6'01"1851986-02-25SR
1484Leslie, KevinFaulkner UCFR/R5'11"1851986-11-26JR
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