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Draft 2008
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872Jackson, ChristopherVirginia Commonwealth USSR/R5'11"1851986-12-30JR
902Diaz, MichaelSouthern Connecticut St U2BL/R5'10"1601987-04-11JR
932Rummel, PhilipKutztown URHPR/R6'05"2351985-06-26SR
962Vollmuth, BryanBiloxi HS (MS)SSR/R6'03"1951989-12-23HS
992Armstrong, ShawnWest Craven HS (NC)RHPR/R6'02"1990-09-11HS400K
1022Jankowski, JordanPeters Township HS (PA)CR/R6'01"2101989-05-17HS
1052Garcia, ReneColegio Sagrada FamiliaCR/R6'00"1721990-03-21HS400K
1082Wood, AustinNiceville HS (FL)RHPR/R6'04"2051990-07-11HS400K
Comments: At the same high school as top Draft prospect Brett DeVall, Wood will garner plenty of attention himself thanks to some serious arm strength. He needs to learn to be more of a pitcher than a thrower, something that could come in the future. No doubt, though, that many teams will be interested in a big, projectable right-hander who could get better with experience.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1112Rivers, KirklandTexas A&M URHPL/L6'01"1951986-01-06SR
1142Castellanos, KristoferNewsome HS (FL)LHPL/L6'03"1851990-07-01HS
1172Van Winkle, TysonGonzaga UCR/R6'00"1901988-02-02JR
1202Lawson, ScottGrayson County Col2BL/R5'10"1851987-08-12J2
1232McClendon, TonyDamien HS (CA)CFR/R6'02"1801990-09-01HS
1262Danbury, RyanNorth Florida CCCFR/R6'02"1701987-08-31J2
1292Green, AustinPatrick Henry HS (CA)CR/R6'01"1801990-02-22HS
1322Sparks, EdmondChipola JCCR/R5'11"2001989-02-17J1400K
1351Garvin, GraysonWesleyan HS (GA)LHPL/L6'05"1989-10-27HS400K
1379Modica, MikeGeorge Mason ULHPL/L6'00"1751986-12-16JR
1406Metroka, NathanCompton CCRFR/R6'02"2201986-08-30J2
1433Meszaros, DanielCol of CharlestonRHPR/R5'10"1985-09-06SR
1460Lehr, ChaseGlendale CCRHPR/R6'02"1851987-10-09J2
1487Austin, JamalHarrison HS (GA)CFR/R5'10"1751990-08-26HS
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