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Draft 2008
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871Heston, ChristopherSeminole CCRHPR/R6'04"1851988-04-10J2
931Harper, BryanLas Vegas HS (NV)LHPL/L6'04"1801989-12-29HS400K
541Hansen, BobbyLewis-Palmer HS (CO)LHPL/L6'05"2201989-12-17HS
631Guerrero, MichaelU MississippiRFR/R6'00"1901986-10-16JR
751Garrett, JosephCol of CharlestonLHPL/L6'00"1901987-03-26JR
1486Frias, FernandoGeorge Washington HS (NY)OFR/R6'01"2281989-09-15HS
87Espinosa, DanielCal St Long BeachSSS/R6'00"1901987-04-25JR400K
Comments: Yes, it's another shortstop courtesy of Long Beach State. This one doesn't have quite the offensive skill set that his predecessors had, but he can handle the bat a little bit. Defensively, he's got outstanding instincts and a plus arm. He may not go as high as Crosby, Tulo and Longoria did, but he's sure to garner plenty of interest.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1051Dill, ClaytonMissouri Baptist ColLHPR/L5'11"1901986-01-03JR
1432Dickerson, AlexPoway HS (CA)OFL/L6'03"2001990-05-26HS
181Demny, PaulBlinn ColRHPR/R6'03"2201989-08-03J1400K
661Curran, ChrisMiami Dade CC Kendall2BL/R5'09"1701987-12-21J1
9Crow, AaronU Missouri ColumbiaRHPR/R6'02"2051986-11-11JR400K
Comments: After a strong Cape season, he was high atop Draft lists heading into his junior campaign. He's done nothing to hurt his status, showing three plus pitches to dominate hitters and establish himself as one of the top college arms, if not the top college arm, in the Draft class.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1405Coletti, AnthonySouth Broward HS (FL)LHPL/L6'02"1801989-09-08HS
421Coleman, HaroldLouisiana St URHPR/R6'03"1901986-04-04JR
991Cather, WilliamsU Maine OronoOFL/R6'01"1801986-10-04JR
1378Brantly, RobertChaparral HS (CA)CL/R6'02"1901989-07-14HS
1201Barnes, AveryU FloridaOFL/R5'10"1651986-09-17JR
361Atwood, WilliamU South Carolina ColumbiaLHPL/L6'02"1987-01-13JR400K
841Arata, NicholasFlorida Atlantic USSR/R5'10"1751986-10-13JR
601Akins, NicholasRiverside CCLFR/R6'01"2051987-12-25J2
1299Ybarra, TylerWellington HS (KS)LHPL/L6'01"1989-12-11HS400K
369Wright, MatthewShippensburg ULHPL/L5'10"1701987-05-07JR
63Wilson, KennethSickles HS (FL)CFR/R6'00"1651990-01-30HS400K
1149Williams, QuentinPittsburgh Central Catholic (PA)RFR/R6'03"2301989-11-30HS
639Van Kirk, BrianOral Roberts ULFR/R6'01"2251985-08-10SR
519Valdez, JonnathanPuerto Rico BB Academy HSCL/R6'04"2101990-09-05HS
669Turkamani, KarimMiami Dade CC SouthCR/R5'10"1987-01-20J2
219Thames, EricPepperdine ULFL/R6'00"1951986-11-10SR400K
129Sobolewski, RobertU Miami3BR/R6'01"2001986-12-24SO400K
969Scott, RyanChaparral HS (AZ)CL/R6'01"1751990-02-06HS
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