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Draft 2008
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30Kelly, CaseySarasota HS (FL)SSR/R6'03"1941989-10-04HS400K
Comments: One of the better athletes in the class, whoever drafts Kelly will have to lure him from being a two-sport star at the University of Tennessee, where he is a quarterback recruit. Big and athletic, he has all the tools to play shortstop. The main question is whether he'll swing the bat well enough and that could determine his Draft status as a hitter. As a pitcher, he's a bit raw, but has the makings of three outstanding pitches and could be more intriguing to scouts on the mound.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1171Keithley, JamesU Texas San AntonioSSR/R6'01"1851987-02-18JR
140Joseph, CorbanFranklin HS (TN)SSL/R6'00"1681988-10-28HS400K
872Jackson, ChristopherVirginia Commonwealth USSR/R5'11"1851986-12-30JR
362Hulett, JeffOkaloosa Walton CCSSR/R6'00"1851987-11-16J2
603Hollander, MikeLouisiana St USSR/R5'09"1801985-10-30SR
933Higgins, KyleMonmouth USSR/R6'01"1801986-06-06SR
24Hewitt, AnthonySalisbury School (NY)SSR/R6'01"1951989-04-27HS400K
Comments: As the spring wore on, few players had more helium than Hewitt, a toolsy high school shortstop. He can run and should hit for power down the road. A terrific athlete with a good arm, most feel a move to the outfield is likely so he can just go out and develop his considerable offensive tools. As a Northeast kid, he's a little raw, but has shown good improvement this spring. His name had been climbing up charts everywhere and the only thing that could hold him back is signability due to a commitment to Vanderbilt.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1422Henika, RandonGarber HS (MI)SSR/R6'02"1801990-08-02HS
916Henderson, D.J.Southeastern HS (MI)SSR/R6'02"1751989-09-22HS
22Havens, DavidU South Carolina ColumbiaSSL/R6'01"1951986-10-20JR400K
Comments: A legitimate prospect in high school, teams were scared off because of a strong commitment to South Carolina. He's improved steadily in his three years there and has evolved into a good all-around hitter with outstanding plate discipline. He may need to move to third down the road because of his lack of range, but his smarts in the field may at least give him the opportunity to play his way off of short as a pro. At either spot, he's sure to go off the board pretty quickly.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1385Harrison, MattGreen Valley HS (NV)SSR/R6'00"1801989-01-11HS
496Hanzawa, TroySan Diego St USSR/R5'09"1985-09-125S
1374Hainsfurther, JosephHighland Park HS (TX)SSS/R5'11"1751989-10-21HS
1303Grimes, TylerNorth HS (KS)SSR/R5'10"1751990-07-03HS
204Gonzalez, BenjaminPuerto Rico BB Academy HSSSR/R5'11"1601990-01-16HS400K
349Gomez, RolandoCharles Flanagan HS (FL)SSL/R5'07"1451989-06-18HS400K
Comments: He may not look like much at first glance -- and his size is an issue -- but Gomez really knows how to play the game. He's got a terrific approach at the plate for a high schooler and smooth mechanics. Defensively, he's got the hands and arm to stay at shortstop, but his range may force him over to the right side of the infield, where he could be an interesting offensive-minded second baseman.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1444Ginther, MarkJenks HS (OK)SSR/R6'02"1801989-12-04HS
1240Gilley, IanNorthside Senior HS (AR)SSR/R6'01"1951990-05-16HS
77Gibson, DerrikSeaford HS (DE)SSR/R6'01"1701989-12-05HS400K
1384George, CarlosJames Monroe HS (NY)SSR/R6'02"1601989-02-06HS
1198Fuller, TrentFairfield HS (CA)SSR/R6'02"1901990-05-06HS
643Frost, AdamSt Norbert ColSSR/R5'11"1651986-10-13JR400K
897Frias, VladimirTennessee Wesleyan ColSSS/R6'02"1701986-09-06SR
741Fontanez, KevinPuerto Rico BB Academy HSSSR/R5'11"1701990-06-21HS400K
1485Florence, StevenSimeon Vocational School (IL)SSR/R5'11"1501990-09-06HS
41Flaherty, RyanVanderbilt USSL/R6'03"2001986-07-27JR400K
Comments: A strong and athletic infielder with a classic left-handed swing, he's drawn a comparison to Wally Joyner in terms of his offensive skill set. He should hit for average, but hasn't shown much power at this point. Defensively, he's got a good arm, but does not have the range to stay at short. A move to third might make the most sense given his size.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1377Fischer, LeeU Missouri ColumbiaSSR/R6'00"1751986-07-31JR
195Figueroa, StephenU FloridaSSL/R5'10"1801987-06-30SO400K
737Field, ThomasTexas St USSR/R5'10"1801987-02-22JR
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