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Draft 2008
Draft Central

Jason Castro (Credit: David Gonzalez/Stanford)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Jason Castro
School:Stanford University
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:210 lbs.
Report Date(s):03/25/08
Game(s):Sacramento State

Focus Area
Hitting Ability:A little heavy on his front side, he can be vulnerable to the changeup; sometimes Castro tries too hard to be the guy in the lineup. He does have the ability to drive the ball from the left side of the plate.
Power:He's got average power now with the chance to be plus down the road. He's got opposite-field power with good loft and backspin.
Running Speed:He's got more speed than most catchers.
Base running:He does have the ability to take the extra base or even steal a bag or two.
Arm Strength:He's an got average arm, but keeps improving his pop times to second base.
Fielding:He's worked hard on his craft and does a terrific job framing the ball.
Range:He's good at blocking pitches in the dirt.
Physical Description:Castro is a tall, well-proportioned backstop with a long body.
Medical Update:Healthy now, but an arm issue over the summer kept him from catching regularly.
Strengths:With legitimate power, some hittability and an improving set of defensive skills, he's got the chance to be a good all-around catcher.
Weaknesses:He has trouble with offspeed stuff.
Summary:College catchers, especially those who hit left-handed, are always in demand, and Castro has used a strong Cape League season to put himself in position to be one of the first backstops taken. He's got legit power and a good set of defensive skills. He might not be the first college catcher to go off the board, but he likely won't have to wait long.