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Draft 2008
Draft Central

Josh Fields (Credit: Georgia Sports)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Josh Fields
Position:Relief Pitcher
School:University of Georgia
School Type:College
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:180 lbs.
Report Date(s):03/01 - 03/02/08
Game(s):Oregon State

Focus Area
Fastball:Fields threw his fastball in the 92-95 mph range, sitting comfortably at 94.
Fastball movement:His fastball is fairly straight, though he does throw it from a good downward angle.
Curve:Fields has a plus, plus curve, a true hammer that he throws in the 78-80 mph range. It's tight and falls right off the table.
Control:His command was fair, but certainly better than what he showed last year. He threw his curve for strikes.
Poise:Fields has a closer's mentality, works fast and goes right after hitters.
Physical Description:He has a lean, wiry and thin frame with whipping arm action -- kind of like a more physical Tim Lincecum.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:A closer's mentality, a resilient arm that allows him to throw on back-to-back days and a killer curve.
Weaknesses:His fastball is a little too straight; he needs to continue to show that last year's implosion is far behind him.
Summary:A second-round Draft pick last year by the Braves after a subpar junior season, he and his advisor, Scott Boras, could not come to terms with Atlanta. So the closer returned to Georgia for a senior season to try and make his junior campaign a distant memory. He was off to a good start and could be the kind of college closer teams look for these days.