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Draft 2008
Draft Central

Christian Friedrich (Credit: Chris Radcliffe)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Christian Friedrich
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:Eastern Kentucky University
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:210 lbs.
Report Date(s):04/05/08
Game(s):Tennessee Tech

Focus Area
Fastball:Friedrich's fastball is average to plus. He pitches comfortably with average velocity that ranges anywhere from 88 to 93 mph.
Fastball movement:It's slightly below average, but projects to be average in the future. There's more when he keeps it down in the zone.
Slider:It's more like a cutter and he throws it 83-85 mph.
Curve:It's an above-average pitch which he throws 72-76 mph.
Changeup:He doesn't throw it much, but it's slightly below average now, 82-83 mph, and projects to be an average pitch in the future.
Control:His command is slightly below average -- he's struggled with walks at times -- but it projects to be average.
Poise:Nothing wrong here. He's got good makeup and competes well on the mound.
Physical Description:Friedrich is a pretty big, strong lefty with a body type similar to Joe Saunders.
Medical Update:He missed one start in mid-April with a groin injury, but has come back and pitched well since.
Strengths:Four pitches that project to be at least average, led by his fastball and curve.
Weaknesses:His command has been inconsistent. He is what he is, a No. 3 starter-type with good stuff and average command in the future.
Summary:College lefties are always in high demand and, truth be told, there aren't that many upper-echelon ones out there this year. Behind San Diego's Brian Matusz, Friedrich is likely the best -- especially once he gains more consistent command -- with a repertoire that should land him in the middle of a big-league rotation in short order. Matusz may go first, but it shouldn't take long for Friedrich to hear his name, either.