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Draft 2008
Draft Central

Scott Green (Credit: University of Kentucky)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Scott Green
School:University of Kentucky
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:240 lbs.
Report Date(s):03/09/08

Focus Area
Fastball:Green can throw his fastball in the 88-93 mph range.
Fastball movement:His fastball has plus life.
Slider:He throws it 78-82 mph and it projects to be average.
Changeup:It's slightly below-average and he throws it 79-80 mph.
Control:His command is slightly below-average.
Poise:He's shown some decent poise despite struggles this season, sitting in the bullpen taking abuse from fans without responding.
Physical Description:Green is a big right-hander with a prototypical pitcher's body, kind of like Ben McDonald and muscular like a Kyle Farnsworth.
Medical Update:He's had a series of injuries, the most serious one being to his elbow that required Tommy John surgery and forced him to red-shirt in 2006.
Strengths:Size and arm strength.
Weaknesses:Injury history and a bad delivery.
Summary:Green turned down a large bonus offer a year ago when the Red Sox drafted him in the 15th round, hoping he'd have a strong junior season and vault himself into the first round. Whether he sees that kind of money again remains to be seen, but his performance, one that's seen him taken from the rotation and nearly buried in the bullpen at Kentucky, doesn't point to a guy who's going to go early. That being said, his size and arm strength will still be enough to intrigue someone to take a chance.