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Draft 2008
Draft Central

Justin LaTempa (Credit: UC Irvine)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Justin LaTempa
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:Golden West College (Calif.)
School Type:Junior College
Academic Class:Sophomore
Weight:205 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/21/08
Game(s):College of the Desert

Focus Area
Fastball:LaTempa threw his fastball in the 88-93 mph range, though he's been clocked as high as 95 mph in the past.
Fastball movement:He's shown sink and arm-side life at times, but has a tendency to flatten out.
Curve:For a below-average offering, he throws it too much. He does break off an average curve every once in a wihle.
Slider:It's his out pitch, a nasty offering he throws in the 82-85 mph range.
Changeup:He throws his changeup 80-82 mph. It can be a little too straight and hard.
Control:LaTempa does a decent job throwing strikes, but sometimes gets too much of the plate.
Poise:Having not pitched in competitive situations for a while, scouts were interested in how he would pull it together. He showed glimpses of toughness and mound presence.
Physical Description:He's strong-bodied with long limbs and a sturdy lower half.
Medical Update:He had a bad shoulder during his time at UC Irvine, but he seems healthy now.
Strengths:When everything is clicking, he's got the possibility of a plus fastball and slider.
Weaknesses:While LaTempa can overpower hitters, he allows too much contact for some. His arm action and delivery have something to do with that as he loses his arm slot deeper in games.
Summary:LaTempa created some buzz early after throwing 95 mph this past fall, drawing scouts early before the college season began. He's got the possibility of two plus pitches in his fastball and slider, though his other offerings need work. With his size and arm strength, he's sure to intrigue scouts all spring.