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Draft 2008
Draft Central

Adrian Nieto (Credit: Aflac)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Adrian Nieto
School:American Heritage HS (Fla.)
School Type:High School
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:200 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/29/08
Game(s):Key West HS

Focus Area
Hitting Ability:Nieto is a good hitter who stays on pitches really well.
Power:He's got some power and could be a 10-15 homer type if he stays behind the plate.
Running Speed:He is a well below-average runner.
Base Running:He's not a particularly good baserunner because of his lack of speed.
Arm Strength:If it's healthy, he's got a plus arm.
Fielding:Nieto has been a little lazy behind the plate and has had trouble holding on to balls.
Range:He did not move well behind the plate in this game.
Physical Description:Nieto is big and strong, but was described as having a bad body.
Medical Update:A strained elbow ligament kept him from catching all of last year.
Strengths:A good hitting approach and a plus arm, if healthy.
Weaknesses:Nieto struggled with his catching skills and there is concern about his elbow holding up.
Summary:Generally considered to be the second-best prep catcher in the Draft class, Nieto has a solid approach at the plate and a very strong arm behind it. However, an elbow injury last year has limited his time behind the plate and he struggled a bit defensively early this season. On the same team as top prospect Eric Hosmer, he'll get plenty of chances to show improvement in front of scouts this spring.