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Draft 2008
Draft Central

Ryan O'Sullivan (Credit: Larry Goren)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Ryan O'Sullivan
School:Valhalla HS (Calif.)
School Type:High school
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:190 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/10/08
Game(s):Urban Youth Academy Showcase

Focus Area
Fastball:O'Sullivan threw his fastball 89-90 mph. There might be room for a little more.
Fastball movement:It's got some life, with some sink and tail down in the zone.
Curve:O'Sullivan features a hard curve, which he threw 77-79 mph.
Changeup:He threw a changeup in the 80-82 mph range with good arm speed and fade deception to it.
Control:He's got an advanced feel for pitching and consistently throws strikes.
Poise:O'Sullivan was perfectly poised during his one inning at the showcase.
Physical Description:Not the prototypical projectable right-hander, he's much like his older brother Sean (currently in the Angels system) in terms of being fairly physically mature.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Advanced pitchability, with two solid pitches and the potential to have at least three average pitches.
Weaknesses:Not much projection. He's pretty physical now and it's a question whether he'll add much velocity in the future.
Summary:O'Sullivan, whose brother Sean is in the Angels organization, hopes to follow in his footsteps as a pitchability right-hander. There's not a whole lot of projection for him, but he does have the chance to throw three Major League average pitches.