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Draft 2008
Draft Central

Cody Satterwhite (Credit: AP)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Cody Satterwhite
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:University of Mississippi
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:200 lbs.
Report Date(s):04/20/08
Game(s):South Carolina

Focus Area
Fastball:Satterwhite touched 95 mph and pitched at 92-93 mph.
Fastball movement:He had good movement and life on his fastball.
Slider:It's a pretty good slider, though inconsistent.
Changeup:His changeup is average at best.
Control:His command is up-and-down because of inconsistencies with his delivery.
Poise:He seems to lack some maturity on the mound at times.
Physical Description:Satterwhite is everything you want from a pitcher, with a tall, lean, projectable body and plenty of room for growth.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:At times, he has electric stuff, particularly with the fastball and slider.
Weaknesses:He gets hit more than he should considering his stuff. Problems with his arm slot and release point have kept him from being consistent.
Summary:Originally the Ole Miss Saturday starter, Satterwhite got bumped to Sundays because of his uneven performance. Scouts still love his body and his arm strength, but he's gotten hit much more than you'd think he should based on his electric stuff. The issues largely come from inconsistencies in his delivery and despite the subpar season, a team that feels it can tweak his mechanics is still likely to draft the right-hander fairly early.