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Draft 2008
Draft Central

Tanner Scheppers (Credit: Keith Kountz)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Tanner Scheppers
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:Fresno State University
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:195 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/29/08
Game(s):USD Tournament -- San Diego

Focus Area
Fastball:Scheppers threw his fastball in the 92-95 mph range and could blow it by college hitters with metal bats. There could be room for more velocity as he matures.
Fastball movement:He had cut and sink on the fastball, to both sides of the plate.
Slider:Scheppers showed a plus slider that he threw up to 87-88 mph with late break.
Changeup:He did not show a changeup in this start, but he didn't need it.
Control:His command wasn't bad, but he was a little inconsistent, particularly with the slider, in the strike zone.
Poise:He showed outstanding poise and was very competitive on the mound.
Physical Description:Originally recruited as a shortstop, Scheppers is a tall and athletic right-hander with a projectable body.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Arm strength with an above-average fastball and decent fastball command. He's got a projectable frame -- there's more in the tank.
Weaknesses:He's new to pitching, so his delivery is a little mechanical and he's behind on things like holding runners.
Summary:Originally recruited by Fresno State as a shortstop, he's an intriguing right-hander with a ton of upside. He may be a little raw because of his lack of experience -- he showed just two pitches early in the season -- but the above-average fastball and strong early results will be enough to keep scouts coming and keep him moving up Draft charts all spring.