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Draft 2008
Draft Central

Austin Wood (Credit: Gary Wood)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Austin Wood
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:Niceville HS (Fla.)
School Type:High school
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:205 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/19/08
Game(s):Pine Forest

Focus Area
Fastball:Wood cranked his fastball up to 92 mph, but there's room for more.
Fastball movement:There's a little life down in the zone, but he tries to overpower people with his fastball more than anything else.
Curve:He showed the ability to spin a decent breaking ball.
Changeup:Wood didn't show a changeup in this outing, pitching mostly off of his fastball.
Control:He had decent command of his two pitches.
Poise:Wood is a good competitor who has shone under some large amateur spotlights.
Physical Description:Wood is a big right-hander with some athletic ability -- he doubles as an outfielder -- and some serious arm strength.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Arm strength, with possible room for velocity; ability to throw a breaking ball for strikes.
Weaknesses:His delivery will need some work. There's a little effort there, almost more like a reliever than a starter, though it's way too early to pigeonhole him.
Summary:At the same high school as top Draft prospect Brett DeVall, Wood will garner plenty of attention himself thanks to some serious arm strength. He needs to learn to be more of a pitcher than a thrower, something that could come in the future. No doubt, though, that many teams will be interested in a big, projectable right-hander who could get better with experience.