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1009McCarney, RyanCal St NorthridgeRHPS/R6'02"1801987-02-24SR
1519Wendt, DavidDowling ColCR/R6'05"2051987-01-02SR
829Wager, BradyGlobe HS (AZ)RHPR/R6'03"1901990-11-17HS
649Swilley, MatthewEl Camino HS (CA)RHPR/R6'02"1751990-12-19HS
1039Spraker, KyleLoyola Marymount USSR/R5'10"1801986-01-10SR
1489Spilker, VinceRaytown HS (MO)RHPR/R6'02"2151990-08-23HS
589Shuman, RutherfordAuburn URHPR/R6'03"2201988-03-28JR
859Rosscup, ZachChemeketa CCLHPR/L6'02"2051988-06-09J2
439Quate, ZachAppalachian St URHPR/R6'01"1901987-09-12SR
919Proctor, MarcusPinnacle HS (AZ)RHPR/R6'03"1701991-08-21HS
709Petersen, TrevorHallsville HS (TX)RHPR/R6'03"2101990-08-19HS
1219Pazos, JamesHighland HS (AZ)LHPR/L6'03"2301991-05-05HS
1399Oates, AaronSkyline HS (CA)3BR/R6'02"1901990-08-22HS
1129Maddox, AustinEagle's View Academy (FL)CR/R6'03"2201991-05-13HS
Comments: There are several things to like about Maddox, particularly his tremendous raw power and his cannon for a throwing arm. His makeup is off the charts and he has maturity in his approach. On the down side, he's a well below-average runner and there are those who believe his size will mean he can't catch long-term. He has the power to play a corner outfield spot or first. Whether teams think he'll make enough contact to reach that power could determine his Draft status.
Enhanced Scouting Report
349Koronis, AlexanderU TampaRHPR/R6'02"2051988-01-04JR
469Johnson, PierceFaith Christian Academy (CO)RHPR/R6'01"1701991-05-10HS
1159Hillman, DrewOrange Coast Col3BR/R6'01"1951989-05-04J2
409Hill, HunterHoward ColRHPR/R5'11"1851988-11-30J2
1309Glynn, EugeneMinnesota St U Mankato3BR/R6'01"1901986-10-27SR
108Glaesmann, ToddMidway HS (TX)CFR/R6'04"2201990-10-24HS
Comments: Glaesmann is an extremely athletic high school outfielder who is a two-sport standout. A football injury (ankle) slowed him early, but he was back to full strength by April. He certainly looks the part and uses his athleticism to his advantage on the field, particularly with his better than average speed. His setup and approach at the plate needs some serious tinkering, but the team that thinks they can fix that might take a shot.
Enhanced Scouting Report
199Fuller, DevinChandler Gilbert CCRHPR/R6'02"2201988-12-15J2
949Dott, AaronU Wisconsin WhitewaterLHPR/L6'04"2151988-05-17JR
78Diekroeger, KennethMenlo School (CA)SSR/R6'02"1901990-11-05HS
529Diaz, AlexanderPuerto Rico BB Academy HSRFR/R6'01"1801991-11-15HS
319Dennis, DerekForest Hills Central HS (MI)SSR/R6'03"1990-07-09HS
1279Davis, BennettElon U3BR/R5'09"1851986-02-09SR
889Cohen, GabrielUC Los AngelesLFR/R6'02"2051987-11-07JR
1099Cinadr, JeffU ToledoRHPR/R6'06"2001987-08-08SR
1339Brackenridge, KalaniKapolei High School (HI)SSR/R5'11"1751991-04-27HS
499Bortnick, TylerCoastal Carolina U2BR/R5'11"1851987-07-03SR
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