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839Poppert, DerekU San FranciscoSSR/R6'01"1901988-07-27JR
539Perez, StephenGulliver Prep School (FL)SSS/R5'11"1751990-12-16HS
Comments: Perez is a baseball rat with a great feel for the game. His plus instincts help him maximize his skills, which include some definite hitting ability from both sides of the plate, a solid glove and arm from shortstop. He doesn't have the kind of speed you'd normally like to see from a middle infielder, but he makes up for that with those instincts. Whoever drafts him could be getting a high schooler with a better understanding of how to play the game than most prepsters.
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509Marrero, DevenAmerican Heritage School (FL)SSR/R6'01"1801990-08-25HS
57Hamilton, BillyTaylorsville HS (MS)SSR/R6'01"1601990-09-09HS
Comments: Hamilton is the quintessential high-risk, high-reward athlete at this level who is sure to interest many in June. A three-sport star in Mississippi, he's got all sorts of tools, though his hitting approach is a bit crude and he's got some holes in his swing. But the bat speed, strength and running speed would make any scout at least intrigued, especially if you think he can stay at shortstop. Someone will take a chance on that -- and that they can sign him away from his football commitment to Mississippi State on Draft day.
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959Carlson, ShaneUC Santa BarbaraSSR/R6'00"1851987-04-07SR
1079Burleson, ChrisU Southern MaineSSR/R5'11"1901987-04-18SR
1229Wiley, JakeMarist ColRHPR/R6'01"1951986-10-04SR
449Walczak, JamesMercyhurst ColRHPR/R6'02"1951987-05-04SR
149Tuttle, DanielRandleman HS (NC)RHPR/R6'01"1990-08-21HS
Comments: There's a lot to like about Tuttle, the North Carolina prep star. He's got a great arm with good pure stuff, highlighted by a plus slider and a fastball he can run up to 94 mph. He's also got the makings of a changeup. What he doesn't always have is consistent command, affected by a somewhat unorthodox delivery where he doesn't always repeat his mechanics. Still, there's plenty to work with for any team that decides to take him on Draft Day.
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179Serrano, MarkOral Roberts URHPL/R6'02"1951985-09-145S
629Reed, JonathanMemorial HS (OK)RHPR/R6'02"2001990-09-12HS
269Pearl, BrianU WashingtonRHPL/R6'01"1901988-05-17JR
749Monster, MichaelRutland SSRHPR/R6'03"2201990-12-03HS
8Leake, MichaelArizona St URHPR/R6'00"1801987-11-12JR
Comments: As a six-foot righty, people may want to overlook Leake as a big-time pitching prospect, but they might be missing the boat. He can throw four pitches for strikes and his poise is off the charts. He may not be that big, but he's athletic, strong and durable with an extremely efficient delivery. He's done nothing but perform with the Sun Devils and whoever looks past his size could have themselves a steal.
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929Kummet, AdianCol St ScholasticaRHPR/R6'04"2051987-04-15SR
329Johnson, HaroldTrinity Christian Academy (FL)RHPR/R6'04"2151990-09-12HS
1409Hampton, JasonRocklin HS (CA)RHPR/R6'04"2251990-12-19HS
1379Dunn, TimothyTrevecca Nazarene URHPR/R6'02"2151988-08-19JR
419Crabbe, TimothyWestmont ColRHPR/R6'04"1951988-02-20JR
389Christiani, NickVanderbilt URHPR/R6'00"1951987-07-17SR
1259Carson, BlairAnderson URHPR/R6'02"1931987-10-03SR
1019Cannon, ForestUC Santa BarbaraRHPR/R6'03"1901988-06-05JR
869Braun, JasonCorban ColRHPR/R6'05"1986-11-24SR
43Boxberger, BradleyU Southern CaliforniaRHPR/R6'02"2001988-05-27JR
Comments: Boxberger definitely improved his Draft status with his first several starts. While many had seen him as a reliever in the future, he's emerged as a legitimate starting prospect with his performance. The key has been his ability to maintain his velocity deep into his starts, something he hadn't done in the past. And while his command is still a little inconsistent, it's better than it has been. Combine that with a full repertoire of pitches and if Boxberger keeps it up, he'll seriously enter the first-round conversation.
Enhanced Scouting Report
1289Bowen, RichardMississippi St URHPR/R6'03"1851987-08-06SR
1169Barton, PaulKwalikum SSRHPR/R6'03"1971991-02-17HS
359Garton, JoshuaVolunteer State CCRFL/R6'02"2051988-04-27J2
88Joseph, DonU HoustonLHPL/L6'03"1901987-11-01JR
809Del Pino, StefanDorman High Shool (SC)LHPL/L6'01"1751991-06-08HS
569Clarke, MitchellForest Heights Collegiate InstLHPR/L6'02"2201990-08-29HS
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