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810McKenna, PatrickBryant USSR/R5'09"1701987-06-24SR
600Gulliver, JimmyEastern Michigan USSL/R5'11"1801986-06-06SR
120Gomez, EdwinPuerto Rico BB Academy HSSSS/R6'03"1751991-08-26HS
180Fields, DanielU Detroit Jesuit HS (MI)SSL/R6'01"1991-01-23HS
1170Duling, ChadBishop Carroll Catholic HS (KS)SSR/R6'00"1751991-04-02HS
1080Crumpton, BenjaminLakeside HS (AR)SSR/R5'11"1801990-10-12HS
930Walter, AndrewCactus HS (AZ)RHPR/R6'03"1901990-10-18HS
9Turner, JacobWestminster Christian Academy (MO)RHPR/R6'04"2051991-05-21HS
Comments: Turner is what you look for in a high school rightr-hande -- big, strong and projectable. Thought to be one of the better prep arms in the class, it was unclear whether he'd live up to advanced billing. He has a good arm and there's likely to be more velocity, especially if he can correct some delivery flaws. His secondary pitches lag behind somewhat and his command can be inconsistent as he sometimes elevates his pitches. Still, with his size, athleticism and arm strength, the UNC recruit is likely to garner a lot of interest on Draft day.
Enhanced Scouting Report
360Thomson, MatthewU San DiegoRHPR/R6'04"2001988-03-22JR
1440Porcello, JakeSeton Hall Prep School (NJ)RHPR/R6'02"1951991-04-02HS
510Newman, NathanPepperdine URHPR/R6'05"2151986-12-17SR
870Morrison, MichaelCal St FullertonRHPR/R6'01"2101987-12-17JR
840Mateychick, TobinEnid HS (OK)RHPR/R6'04"1801990-08-13HS
960Markel, ParkerMountain Ridge HS (AZ)RHPR/R6'03"2101990-09-15HS
1020Kline, DerekMillersville URHPR/R6'04"1988-03-02JR
720Kapteyn, WadeU EvansvilleRHPR/R6'05"2351987-07-11JR
420Hess, KevanWestern Michigan URHPR/R6'02"1901988-03-30JR
690Hamilton, CoryUC IrvineRHPR/R6'01"1951988-04-15JR
1470Giannini, CameronHargrave Military Academy (VA)RHPR/R6'04"2101991-08-23HS
240Fritsch, CraigBaylor URHPR/R6'04"1901987-12-29JR
1260Avila, NickCentral Florida CCRHPR/R6'02"2201988-08-29J2
450Appel, MarkMonte Vista HS (CA)RHPR/R6'04"1951991-07-15HS
750Roache, AlmonLincoln HS (MI)RFR/R6'01"1991-09-17HS
1320Markson, CharlesWhitefish Bay HS (WI)RFR/R6'02"1801991-02-06HS
1350Brennan, JimmySuffern HS (NY)RFL/L6'00"1851990-12-18HS
1140Senay, TarranSouth Park HS (PA)OFL/R6'01"1990-10-20HS
150Wood, AustinU Texas AustinLHPL/L6'02"1951986-11-02SR
330Wilk, AdamCal St Long BeachLHPL/L6'02"1751987-12-09JR
630Soto, GiovanniNo SchoolLHPL/L6'03"1551991-05-18NS
58Oliver, AndrewOklahoma St ULHPL/L6'03"2101987-12-03JR
Comments: Oliver got a lot of attention when he was suspended by the NCAA for being represented by an agent, then got the suspension overturned in court. He's had an up-and-down junior season performance-wise, but scouts love his fastball-changeup mix. He can crank the heater up to 98 mph and the change is a plus pitch as well. More than anything, his fastball command is what makes him so intriguing, and it's his bread-and-butter, making up for the lack of a breaking ball. Lefties who throw that hard and command the ball that well aren't common, so he should go quickly on Draft day.
Enhanced Scouting Report
Page 1 of 2 [ 50 player(s) found ]    »