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838Swegman, EricYoung Harris ColRHPR/R6'06"2151988-08-03J2
688La Point, LucasWilliam J Knight HS (CA)RHPR/R6'03"2151991-03-30HS
748Icard, EthanWilkes CCRHPR/R6'02"1801990-08-28J1
328Masters, ChristopherWestern Carolina ULHPL/L6'00"2301987-10-01JR
778Scott, WilliamWalters State CCRHPR/R6'02"1911990-09-02J1
7Minor, MichaelVanderbilt ULHPR/L6'03"2001987-12-26JR
Comments: Minor isn't going to wow you, like his former Vandy teammate David Price did, but he's a solid left-handed starting candidate at the next level. He's got a good feel for pitching with at least three pitches that, when he's locked in, he can throw for strikes. He seemed to be getting sharper as the season wore on and was positioning himself to be one of those college lefties who know how to pitch who always go well on Draft day.
Enhanced Scouting Report
598Lorick, JeffreyU VirginiaLHPL/L6'00"1987-12-18JR
568Harris, TyrelleU TennesseeRHPS/R6'04"2351986-12-12SR
178Woolley, RyanU Alabama BirminghamRHPR/R6'01"1901988-02-11JR
628Crim, MattThe CitadelLHPL/L6'00"1951987-08-14SR
658Weber, JamesSt Petersburg JCRHPR/R6'00"1701990-08-12J1
1258Conway, JoshuaSmithsburg HS (MD)OFR/R6'01"1651991-04-12HS
898Howard, VinceSikeston HS (MO)OFS/R6'00"2051990-08-16HS
1198Carrillo, AntonioSan Ysidro HS (CA)OFR/R5'11"1651991-07-03HS
1378Farmer, GeorgeRockdale County HS (GA)RHPL/R6'03"2201991-02-20HS
1438Hayes, JamieRider URHPR/R6'00"1951986-10-21SR
1288Walden, AlanRed Bank HS (TN)RHPR/R6'01"1541990-11-18HS
87Hale, DavidPrinceton URHPR/R6'02"2001987-09-27JR
958Montgomery, StephenPope HS (GA)RHPR/R6'02"2141991-01-14HS
478Spanjer-Furstenburg, RiaanNova Southeastern U1BR/R6'02"2151988-02-08JR
718Upperman, CaseyNotre Dame HS (AZ)RHPR/R6'01"1831990-11-16HS
238Rose, KyleNorthwest Shoals CCOFR/R6'01"1851989-05-24J2
1138Faulk, TrippNorth Myrtle Beach HS (SC)OFR/R6'01"1751991-01-11HS
148Berryhill, DavidNewberry ColRHPR/R5'10"1851987-12-09JR
1048Hartunian, MattMontclair Prep HS (CA)CR/R5'11"1901990-06-28HS
538Dalfonso, JakobMiddle Georgia Col3BL/R6'03"2001990-01-25J1
118Jones, MycalMiami Dade CC SouthSSR/R5'10"1651987-05-30J3
298Northcraft, AaronMater Dei HS (CA)RHPR/R6'04"2151990-05-28HS
1348Dorris, NathanMarion HS (IL)LHPL/L6'03"1851990-12-09HS
1168Bourgeios, JoeyLouisiana St U at EuniceRHPR/R6'03"2251990-02-12J1
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