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1347Kramp, KyleWestfield HS (IN)RHPR/R6'04"1951990-12-23HS
1437Oduber, RandolphWestern Oklahoma St ColLFR/L6'03"1861989-03-18J2
837Cotton, JamaineWestern Oklahoma St ColRHPR/R6'01"1751990-09-27J1
207Liles, NickWestern Carolina U2BR/R6'00"1651987-07-23JR
717Burg, AlexanderWashington St UCR/R6'00"1901987-08-09SR
1197White, JonathanVanderbilt ULFL/L6'02"1981986-06-165S
1047Graves, BrandonValdosta St ULHPL/L6'01"1901986-08-07SR
147Belt, BrandonU Texas Austin1BL/L6'05"2101988-04-20JR
387Sanford, ShawnU South FloridaRHPR/R6'00"2101988-08-28JR
867Demko, LukeU Rhode IslandRHPR/R6'07"2601986-06-26SR
1257Schwaner, NicholasU New Orleans3BL/R6'01"2151988-02-27JR
807Mach, KyleU Missouri Columbia3BR/R5'11"1911986-11-08SR
1107Lollis, RyanU Missouri ColumbiaRFL/L6'02"1851986-12-16SR
1167Henson, KyleU MississippiCR/R5'10"1951986-12-07SR
86Dominguez, ChristopherU Louisville3BR/R6'05"2351986-11-22SR
477Cavan, RyanUC Santa BarbaraSSS/R5'10"1801987-06-28SR
1077Scoma, RyanUC DavisRFL/R6'02"1951987-09-12SR
687Champion, AdamU Arkansas Little RockLHPL/L6'07"2201987-09-22JR
117Stoffel, JasonU ArizonaRHPR/R6'02"2201988-09-15JR
Comments: Stoffel entered his junior season as perhaps the top college closer in the class, a guy who closed ahead of 2008 first-rounders Ryan Perry and Daniel Schlereth at Arizona in years past. But his stock took a hit for much of the spring season as he was more hittable than in the past. He simply hasn't been as sharp, particularly command-wise, and there was concern about his conditioning playing a part in that. His power arsenal out of the 'pen will certainly get drafted, but it seemed unlikely to be as highly as was once thought.
Enhanced Scouting Report
747Rogers, StevenTulane URHPR/R6'04"2001987-06-05JR
567Walls, JasonTroy URHPR/R6'05"2051988-02-22JR
957Anders, LukeTexas A&M U1BL/L6'06"2251986-10-02JR
1227Moran, GarySonoma St URHPR/R6'08"2651985-05-21SR
237Benusa, KarlRiverview HS (PA)CFL/L5'11"1991-01-30HS
927Seastrunk, DiegoRice UCS/R5'09"2101988-01-11JR
Comments: Seastrunk can definitely hit, a line-drive machine from both sides of the plate. And there's no doubt about his makeup and his knowledge of the game. He just goes about it the right way. The question, and it will ultimately determine his Draft status, is if he can catch well enough. If he can learn the position defensively, he could be an everyday backstop at the next level and would obviously create a lot of interest on Draft day.
Enhanced Scouting Report
507Gloor, ChristopherQuinnipiac ULHPL/L6'06"2551987-03-07SR
1287Jansen, MatthewPurdue ULHPL/L6'02"2101987-05-25JR
777Munoz, LuisPuerto Rico BB Academy HSCFR/R6'00"1651991-10-10HS
1497Downing, KaohiPoint Loma Nazarene URHPR/R5'10"1701986-05-07SR
1317Lewis, JosephPittsburg HS (CA)1BL/R6'05"2051990-09-17HS
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