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1023Brown, DylanOklahoma St UCFR/R6'03"1987-10-21JR
1044Santos, AdalbertoOregon St UOFR/R5'10"1841987-09-28JR
1070David, KevinOklahoma St UCR/R6'01"1901988-04-10SO
1159Hillman, DrewOrange Coast Col3BR/R6'01"1951989-05-04J2
1174Henry, JabariOlympia HS (FL)RFR/R6'00"1981990-11-11HS
1187Kidd, SamuelOhio County HS (KY)RHPS/R6'02"1801990-11-30HS
1211Sarisky, DanielOglethorpe URHPR/R6'01"1841988-05-25SO
1256Velleggia, JosephOld Dominion UCR/R6'06"2351988-07-23SO
1265Kountis, JonathanOhio Dominican URHPR/R6'03"1988-03-15JR
1302Hedges, JonathanOlney Central Col1BR/R6'05"2301990-04-30J1
1358Hurley, ZacharyOhio St URFL/L6'00"2001987-05-27JR
1374Stokes, MykalOrange Coast ColCFR/R6'02"1701990-06-02J1
1377Martinez, JuanOral Roberts USSR/R5'10"1901986-12-26SR
1394Pilkington, JohnOxford HS (AL)RHPR/R6'02"1951990-10-02HS
1511Hylander, SpencerOklahoma Baptist ULHPL/L6'01"1951986-06-12SR
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