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938O'Gara, JosephIndiana URHPR/R6'07"2051988-04-20SO
968Hord, DallasMissouri St UCR/R6'00"1751987-11-25JR
998Buske, ThomasU MinnesotaRHPR/R6'00"1901986-07-10SR
1028Morales, IssacCal St Los AngelesLHPL/L6'00"1881987-05-04SR
1058Topp, TylerCal St Long BeachRHPR/R6'02"1751986-11-14SR
1088Fradera, KalethPuerto Rico BB Academy HSRHPR/R6'03"1801991-06-23HS
1118Glenn, KeithHenry County HS (GA)LFL/L5'09"1681991-06-11HS
1148Johnson, KevinU CincinnatiLHPL/L6'04"2051987-12-03JR
1178Perio, NoahDe La Salle HS (CA)IFL/R6'01"1751991-11-14HS
1208Patito, MitchellPatriot HS (CA)RHPR/R6'00"1901991-06-19HS
1238Sweeney, DarnellAmerican Senior HS (FL)SSS/R6'01"1601991-02-01HS
1268Poyer, JordanAstoria HS (OR)CFR/R6'01"1801991-04-25HS
1298Gonzales, MichaelTwentynine Palms HS (CA)RHPR/R6'02"1851991-07-27HS
1328Giles, KennethRio Grande HS (NM)RHPR/R6'02"1881990-09-20HS
1358Hurley, ZacharyOhio St URFL/L6'00"2001987-05-27JR
1388Ammirati, NickolasSeton Hall Prep School (NJ)CS/R5'10"1851991-07-31HS
1418Miller, CodyRiver Valley HS (CA)CR/R5'10"1851991-07-17HS
1448Gibson, RyanYukon HS (OK)LHPL/L6'04"2201991-07-24HS
1478Williams, AlanMeridian CCLHPL/L6'02"1951990-03-05J1
1508Kam, AdamM Stoneman Douglas HS (FL)1BL/R6'00"2201991-07-31HS
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