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Luke Bailey (Photo: Perfect Game USA)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Luke Bailey
School:Troup County HS (Ga.)
School Type:High School
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:198 lbs.
Report Date(s):3/30/09
Game(s):Northside H.S.

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Bailey has a decent natural swing, though it's a little uphill and he can get a bit pull happy. He's got more than enough bat speed
Power:When he gets his arms extended, he shows plus power.
Running speed:Has below-average speed.
Base running:This isn't a part of his game.
Arm strength:When healthy, he's got a plus arm, both in terms of strength and accuracy.
Fielding:He's a good catch-and-throw guy, with good hands and footwork. He's a solid, not spectacular, defender.
Range:Not a quick-twitch athlete, which limits his range a bit, but he's more than fine to stay behind the plate.
Physical Description:Bailey has a softish lower half, with short but strong arms and sloped shoulders. He doesn't look athletic, but he's at least an average athlete.
Medical Update:Bailey was shut down with an elbow injury that required Tommy John surgery in early May.
Strengths:Good all-around catching package; plus power potential; great makeup and instincts
Weaknesses:Obviously, the elbow is a concern and some might be concerned by a perceived lack of athleticism.
Summary:Bailey was thought of as one of the better high school catchers in a Draft class that has some depth in that area, but Tommy John surgery on his right elbow put his future somewhat in doubt. When healthy, he's a solid, not spectacular, catch-and-throw guy. At the plate, he's got good bat speed and plus power potential. He could head to Auburn and rehab there, but a team could decide to take a chance on him, knowing the success of the surgery these days, and work to get him back in form within its system.