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Steven Baron (Photo: Ferguson High School)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Steven Baron
School:Ferguson HS (Fla.)
School Type:High School
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:185 lbs.
Report Date:4/7/09
Game(s):Cardinal Mooney HS

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Baron has a double toe-tap, rhythmic stride. He's got bat speed, but timing issues cause some problems.
Power:He should have at least average power, though the swing might need to be reworked.
Running speed:He's got average speed for a catcher.
Base running:He should be an average baserunner.
Arm strength:He's got a plus arm with a quick release and outstanding accuracy.
Fielding:He's got soft hands and plays like a shortstop behind the plate. He calls his own game, rare for an amateur catcher.
Range:He has quick feet, moves well and is very agile.
Physical Description:Baron has broad shoulders, a very small waist and a strong lower half.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Great catch and throw skills. Excellent makeup. Good athleticism.
Weaknesses:Timing issues lead some to question his ability to hit, though there's a lot there to work with.
Summary:Baron hasn't received as much attention among the catching crop, but he should. The Miami-area standout has outstanding catch and throw skills. He's had some issues with his timing at the plate, but he's got good bat speed and does have the potential to hit for power. He's a natural leader with outstanding makeup who already calls his own game, and that kind of skill set will always get plenty of attention on Draft day.