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Brett Jackson (Photo: Michael Pimentel)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Brett Jackson
School:University of California
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:210 lbs.
Report Date(s):4/17-4/19/09

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Jackson has a solid, balanced approach at the plate. He doesn't have a big load to the ball and sometimes looks like he's rushing a bit.
Power:Shows average raw power now, but the way he swings it, he doesn't tap into it. He slaps at the ball a little more as Cal's leadoff hitter. But he does have some pop in there.
Running speed:Has above-average speed, with a football player's stride; someone who runs hard.
Base running:It's OK and he should be able to steal some bases in the future.
Arm strength:Has a plus arm from the outfield.
Fielding:He's fine in center now, but if he gets bigger and slows down, he might have to move to a corner spot.
Range:Runs gap-to-gap well.
Physical Description:Jackson is a big, athletic outfielder with good overall body strength.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths: Strength, athletic ability. Some hitting ability and good speed to go along with good overall actions in center field.
Weaknesses:Strikes out a little too often for a leadoff hitter, but can he hit for enough power to be a No. 3 type. If he gets bigger, he may not be able to stay in center.
Summary:It's not a great Draft class for college bats, particularly in the outfield, so one with the athleticism Jackson has is bound to be noticed. He runs well on both sides of the ball, has a decent approach at the plate and plays a good center field right now. Some may see him as a tweener who isn't a leadoff hitter or a No. 3 type. If he gets bigger he will have to move to a corner, where how much power he actually has becomes a bigger question. He's got more value if he can stay in center, and the team that takes him may be hoping he can stay put.