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Bobby Borchering (Photo: Carl Kline/

Biographical Data
Player Name:Bobby Borchering
Position:Third Base
School:Bishop Verot HS (Fla.)
School Type:High School
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:200 lbs.
Report Date:02/20/09
Game(s):Gulliver Prep

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Borchering has plus, plus bat speed. He's a switch-hitter who's stronger from the left side mostly because he sees more pitching that way. He has different swings from the two sides of the plate.
Power:He has pop from both sides. From the left side, he shows it to right-center mostly.
Running speed:Perhaps just shy of average, but he's not a slug on the bases.
Base running:He has good instincts. He runs better when he's under way and always runs hard.
Arm strength:It's fringe average, largely because he doesn't have his feet under him when he throws.
Fielding:He's a stiff defender with a funky setup, kind of like a hockey goalie.
Range:He has below-average range; a move to first base is a possibility.
Physical Description:Borchering is strong and athletic with a body like a latter-day Chipper Jones.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:The bat. He should hit plenty from both sides of the plate.
Weaknesses:His defensive game. He does not look comfortable at third.
Summary:Borchering is a third baseman in high school, but it will be his bat that carries him forward. He struggles defensively and may end up at first base. Some clubs may look for more power from that position, which could impact his draft status. That being said, Borchering's hitting skills are definitely legit.