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Aaron Crow (Photo: Fort Worth Cats)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Aaron Crow
Position:Starting Pitcher
Team:Fort Worth Cats
Weight:195 lbs.
Report Date(s):5/15/09
Game(s):Grand Prairie AirHogs

Focus Area
Fastball:Crow touched 94-95 mph in this outing, but will probably pitch at 91-92 mph.
Fastball movement:When he's on, he can produce some serious sink.
Slider:It's his best pitch and it's a plus offering at times.
Changeup:Much improved from a year ago, it's a Major League average pitch now.
Control:His command was inconsistent as he tried to nibble too much.
Poise:Has always been poised on the mound. In the past, he was very aggressive and went right after the hitters. He tried to be a little too fine at times in this start.
Physical Description:Crow has a loose and athletic frame.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:The chance to have three good pitches, with the slider a plus pitch.
Weaknesses:Command was inconsistent. He had a flaw in his delivery, a wrap on the back side, that probably didn't help with his strike-throwing ability.
Summary:Crow was taken No. 9 overall by the Nationals a year ago, but didn't sign. He went the independent ball route to show scouts this year what he could do and, for the most part, seemed close to the guy many teams liked in 2008. His command was a little off, but on the flip side, his changeup was much improved. Players who have gone the indy route while negotiating or re-entering the draft have tended to improve their standing and it's looking like Crow will be no different.