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Matt Davidson (Photo: Ben Platt/

Biographical Data
Player Name:Matt Davidson
Position:Third Base
School:Yucaipa HS (Calif.)
School Type:High School
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:215 lbs.
Report Date(s):02/08/09
Game(s):Urban Youth Academy Showcase

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Davidson has some definite hitting ability, though a loop in his swing concerns some.
Power:There's a lot of power potential there, average to above average in the future.
Running speed:It's not really a part of his game.
Base running:Not a bad baserunner.
Arm strength:Has an average arm at third.
Fielding:He's basically solid defensively, though some feel he'll be better suited to first base in the future.
Range:His range is fine for third base.
Physical Description:Davidson has struggled a little bit with his body in the past, but he's worked hard and really transformed his body since his junior year. He's naturally strong and looks the part, kind of a Scott Rolen type.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:He's a solid high school player with average skills across the board. His power potential is the one tool better than the rest.
Weaknesses:He doesn't have a real plus tool that jumps out, leaving him without a "wow" factor. A loop in his swing could cause problems.
Summary:A solid, safe high school draftee, Davidson is a great kid with solid, if unspectacular, skills across the board. His best tool might be his future power, but he should have the arm and glove to stay at third defensively. He struggled a bit as a junior, and whether people buy into his summer performance as the real deal will be what determines his Draft status as the spring goes on.