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Kentrail Davis (Photo: Danny Wild/

Biographical Data
Player Name:Kentrail Davis
School:University of Tennessee
School Type:College
Academic Class:Sophomore
Weight:200 lbs.
Report Date(s):3/27-3/29/09

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Davis has struggled this year, getting a little pull happy with his swing, leaving the outer half of the plate open to expose him. He's been pressing at the plate, though his strike zone command is improved.
Power:He's got above-average raw power, but this year he hasn't been getting enough plate coverage to make consistent enough contact to reach that power.
Running speed:Plays with above-average speed right now, but might not stay that way. He looks like he'll be an average runner in the future.
Base running:Davis has never been bad with this, but he's shown improvement in taking the extra base. He's not a real base stealer, but he should be an average base runner in the future.
Arm strength:Has a below-average arm.
Fielding:With his arm and overall defense, he's likely a left field candidate in the future.
Range:Might have the ability to stay in center range-wise, but he's probably better suited for left.
Physical Description:Davis is a fireplug, with a short body, muscled frame, broad chest and tree trunk thighs.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths: When he's right, he's got good hitting ability and he has above-average raw power.
Weaknesses:Davis struggled this year with plate coverage, being too pull happy. He's been pressing, trying to do too much in his Draft-eligible season and because of a lack of protection in the lineup. He'll likely be pigeon-holed as a left fielder in the future.
Summary:The sophomore-eligible outfielder has not followed up on his strong freshman year, but he's still going to gain a lot of interest as the spring wears on. A fireplug of an outfielder, he's got above-average raw power, though he's struggled to get to it this season. He's currently playing center, but the prevailing thought is that he's a left fielder in the future. Once moved to a corner, the bat and his power become that much more important. If a team feels this season is just a matter of him trying to do too much, they'll bet on that bat pretty early.