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Cameron Garfield (Photo: Larry Goren/Four Seam Images)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Cameron Garfield
School:Murrieta Valley HS (Calif.)
School Type:High School
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:195 lbs.
Report Date(s):5/12/09
Game(s):Vista Murrieta HS

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Garfield has some advanced hitting skills, using the middle of the field.
Power:Shows occasional pop, but often gets outside of himself and comes out of his shoes trying to pull the ball for power.
Running speed:Has well below average speed.
Base running:Slow, but he has good instincts on the bases.
Arm strength:Has a plus arm with a quick release. Sometimes he loses a little as the game wears on, but it's no worse than average.
Fielding:A plus defender, he sits easily behind the plate with good footwork, a quick exchange and good blocking instincts.
Range:Moves extremely well laterally.
Physical Description:Garfield's body reminds some of guys like Brad Ausmus or Brandon Inge.
Medical Update:An ankle injury severely hampered his ability to catch this season, forcing him to DH, which threw him off. He's now healthy and was impressing in workouts.
Strengths:Very good catch-and-throw skills; some ability with the bat.
Weaknesses:Gets too pull-happy at times as he gets away from a gap-to-gap approach that would suit him well. He struggled with the bat for much of his senior season.
Summary:Garfield is one more from the deep crop of high school catchers in this class. While an ankle injury threw him off and kept him from catching for a chunk of the season, scouts know all about his excellent catch-and-throw skills behind the plate. He does have some ability with the bat, though he sometimes tries to swing too big to get to some power. He admittedly struggled for much of his senior season, but healthy at the end, he was improving his Draft stock with impressive workouts for teams once his season was over.