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Grant Green (Photo: University of Southern California)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Grant Green
School:University of Southern California
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:180 lbs.
Report Date:3/21/09

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Green got off to a slow start in 2009 and was striking out more than usual. He was chasing pitches and getting himself out. He's started to come around though, hitting balls in the gap with his inside-out swing.
Power:He does have it -- he's capable of turning on an inside pitch and driving it -- but he has more of a line-drive stroke that shoots balls in the right and left-center field gaps. He could be a 15-20 homer guy down the road.
Running speed:When he's going full-tilt, he's got solid-average to plus speed and can really get down the line.
Base running:He is a little bit low energy at times, but does turn it up when he wants to.
Arm strength:He's got a solid-average to plus arm which is very accurate.
Fielding:Has good glove action, though like with his hitting, he struggled early, making uncharacteristic errors.
Range:He's a little better to his right than up the middle, making the play in the hole better than the one to his glove side. But he's capable of making all the plays.
Physical Description:Green is lean and wiry with an athletic frame and strong wrists. He has some room to get stronger as he matures.
Medical Update:An ankle injury on the Sunday of the series with UCLA forced him to miss a Tuesday doubleheader, but he was back at short the following weekend.
Strengths: He has five-tool potential at a premium position. He's capable of hitting for average and a little power while playing a fine shortstop.
Weaknesses:He can be a little low energy and has frustrated some at times with a perceived lack of effort.
Summary:Premier college shortstops don't come around all that often and when they do, they get drafted early. That should be the case for Green, who has the potential to shine on both sides of the ball with all five tools. He shook off some early struggles to perform up to expectations, though his lack of energy at times has bothered scouts. Even with that, he's a confident and accomplished college player who shouldn't wait long to hear his name called.