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Christopher Jenkins (Photo: Perfect Game USA)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Christopher Jenkins
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:Westfield HS (NJ)
School Type:High School
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:230 lbs.
Report Date(s):03/17/09
Game(s):Brearly HS, NJ

Focus Area
Fastball:Jenkins has great arm strength and thows his fastball up to 95 mph.
Fastball movement:He does throw from a downhill plane.
Curve:His curve is OK, with an 11-to-5 action at times.
Slider:His slider is below-average.
Changeup:He throws one, but he slows his arm to an extreme when he does.
Control:He's a raw high schooler who doesn't always command the ball well.
Poise:He's used to pitching in bigger situations on the showcase circuit tour.
Physical Description:Jenkins is a big right-hander with a long, lean frame.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Arm strength with the chance to have a plus fastball.
Weaknesses:He's raw and his secondary pitches need work.
Summary:New Jersey may not seem like a hotbed for baseball, but there have been some interesting names to come from there in recent years. While Jenkins won't approach Rick Porcello status, he could be the next best prep arm to come from the Garden State. He's got serious arm strength and a good fastball, though the rest of his game is a work in progress. There's a lot of upside there and it will be interesting to see which team tries to sign him away from Stanford to tap into that potential.