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Jason Kipnis (Photo: Arizona State)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Jason Kipnis
School:Arizona State University
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:180 lbs.
Report Date:3/20-3/22/09

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Kipnis has tightened up his swing, getting the loop that had been an issue out of it. He still uses the whole field, but has been successfully pulling the ball more. He's a big on-base guy.
Power:He's got a little power, a guy who could hit 12-15 homers annually.
Running speed:Has average speed.
Base running:He's a good baserunner and maximizes what speed he does have.
Arm strength:Has average arm strength.
Fielding:He's able to play all three outfield spots, though he doesn't profile at one particular position.
Range:He's got average range, using instincts well to make the most of his tools.
Physical Description:Kipnis is strong for his size, but he's not that big and has drawn body-type comparisons to guys like Mark Bellhorn or Todd Hollandsworth.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:He plays hard and above his tools. He's very patient and is an on-base machine, something that should appeal to the stats-minded folks.
Weaknesses:He doesn't profile well as an everyday guy at one outfield spot.
Summary:It's hard to argue with the statistical success Kipnis has had at ASU, particularly in his junior season. But projecting him is a little more difficult. He's got average tools across the board and does tend to play above them. But he doesn't profile as an everyday guy at any one outfield position, making him more of a tweener or fourth-outfielder type. Still, he's tightened up his swing and his on-base ability should appeal to those teams who really value those skills.