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Jonathan Meyer (Photo: Simi Valley HS)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Jonathan Meyer
School:Simi Valley HS (Calif.)
School Type:High School
Academic Class:Senior
Weight:200 lbs.
Report Date(s):4/29/09
Game(s):Moorpark HS

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Meyer has a solid approach, with strong and quick hands and wrists that produce pretty good bat speed. He's learning to switch-hit and he's stronger from the right side, with a longer swing and less consistency left-handed.
Power:Can apply force to his swing, but he doesn't have a ton of strength, so he's got well below-average power, especially using wood.
Running speed:He's a little slow out of the box; better runner once underway.
Base running:Without great foot speed, he's a solid baserunner who will even pick spots to steal bases now and then.
Arm strength:Has a plus arm and fires bullets across the diamond. He's been up to 93 mph off the mound.
Fielding:He's an above-average defender with good hands.
Range:It's just average, but he's got good instincts on the infield. Good first step allows him to get to balls on both sides. That said, he's likely a third baseman as an infielder.
Physical Description:Meyer has a strong, muscular frame with broad shoulders and a strong, durable lower half.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Great makeup and work ethic, excellent instincts. Quick bat with some power. Plus arm strength that plays well in the infield or behind the plate.
Weaknesses:Doesn't profile as a shortstop, and while versatility is good, he doesn't have a pure position.
Summary:Meyer is a versatile high schooler who plays shortstop and catches while also closing for his team. In the future, he's likely a third baseman or a catcher, which is just fine with him. With a great makeup and work ethic, he's learned how to switch-hit in his senior season to increase his versatility. With a plus arm and good hands, to go along with some good raw power, a team might be interested in seeing what he can do behind the plate. And everyone knows how well catchers can be drafted. Even if he's an infielder, his combination of skills and attitude should be attractive to many teams.