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Mike Minor (Photo: Vanderbilt University)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Mike Minor
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:Vanderbilt University
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:195 lbs.
Report Date(s):3/27/09

Focus Area
Fastball:Minor can touch 92 mph, maybe 93, but sits comfortably in the 89-91 mph range.
Fastball movement:There's a little life at the bottom of the zone. Working off the first-base side of the rubber, he can run it in to right-handed hitters.
Slider:The better of his two breaking pitches, with tighter spin, better break and harder bite.
Curve:It's his fourth pitch, more of a show pitch right now.
Changeup:It's a quality pitch, but he doesn't use it enough.
Control:His command has improved as the season's gone on, as his innings have increased. The better he commands the ball, especially his secondary stuff, the better he is.
Poise:He's got pretty good mound presence and does a good job of staying within himself.
Physical Description:Minor is a large-framed guy, with some room to add some weight, with a broad chest and tapered waist.
Medical Update:He didn't throw at all in the fall, mostly because of a heavy summer workload, though there was some buzz about a tender elbow. He's been healthy this year.
Strengths:He's got a good feel for pitching, with at least three usuable pitches.
Weaknesses:What you see is pretty much what you're going to get. He's not going to throw any harder and his secondary stuff will more or less stay where it is.
Summary:Minor isn't going to wow you, like his former Vandy teammate David Price did, but he's a solid left-handed starting candidate at the next level. He's got a good feel for pitching with at least three pitches that, when he's locked in, he can throw for strikes. He seemed to be getting sharper as the season wore on and was positioning himself to be one of those college lefties who knows how to pitch who always go well on Draft day.