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James Paxton (Photo: University of Kentucky)

Biographical Data
Player Name:James Paxton
Position:Starting Pitcher
School:University of Kentucky
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:215 lbs.
Report Date(s):4/24/09
Game(s):University of Alabama

Focus Area
Fastball:Paxton was up to 96 mph in this start and has been seen throwing anywhere from 92 to 98 mph.
Fastball movement:There's some sink and life to his fastball.
Slider:Flashes a hard, true, shorter slider.
Changeup:He didn't throw it much in this start, but has shown it in some other outings.
Control:It's fringy average and needs some work. It's better to his arm side, but he doesn't command the ball to the third-base side of the plate as well.
Poise:Competes well on the mound.
Physical Description:Paxton is a big power lefty, with a big body that isn't overly athletic.
Medical Update:He had a knee issue in the past but is completely healthy now.
Strengths:Two-pitch power mix with the fastball and slider. Coming on late; he's showing there's more in the tank.
Weaknesses:The third pitch is a question mark. His command is inconsistent and, though he repeats his delivery well, some are concerned with his long, slingy arm action.
Summary:Paxton is a college lefty who was on the rise late in the Draft season. The Kentucky product has two potential plus pitches in his fastball, which has been up to 98 mph, and a short power slider. The third pitch, a changeup, hasn't always been on display, but he hasn't needed it much at the college level. He repeats his delivery well and can carry the velocity throughout starts, though there are some who think his command and arm action may mean he'll be a reliever in the future. At least some feel he can start and it's likely to be one of those teams that takes him off the board early.