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Tony Sanchez (Photo: Boston College)

Biographical Data
Player Name:Tony Sanchez
School:Boston College
School Type:College
Academic Class:Junior
Weight:220 lbs.
Report Date(s):5/1/09
Game(s):University of Miami

Focus Area
Hitting ability:Sanchez has quick hands at the plate, which should allow for some hittability in the future.
Power:There's power now, but it may not be a ton as a pro.
Running speed:Runs better than you'd think. He's not a clogger.
Base running:Pretty good baserunner, especially for a catcher.
Arm strength:Has a solid-average arm with a quick release.
Fielding:Solid catch-and-throw guy behind the plate.
Range:Has pretty quick feet and moves pretty well defensively.
Physical Description:Sanchez doesn't have a compact build, but has worked hard to get his body to where it is now.
Medical Update:Healthy.
Strengths:Good catch-and-throw skills. Quick hands at the plate; some power.
Weaknesses:Body used to be sloppy and he's worked to get into shape, but he'll have to continue to watch it. Some may ask how a Miami-area catcher got out of Florida.
Summary:College catchers are always a premium commodity and Sanchez has emerged as one of the better options in this year's group. He's a solid catch-and-throw guy behind the plate, with good overall defensive skills. He also can swing the bat some, with a little power, giving him an intriguing all-around package. He's struggled with conditioning in the past, but he seemed driven to get himself into shape. The benefit has been an outstanding junior season that will probably move him off the board early on Draft day.