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4Colon, ChristianCal State - FullertonSSR/R6'00"1901989-05-14JR
Comments: A big prospect since high school, there's a lot to like about Colon's game. He has a solid approach and setup at the plate and he makes the plays in the field. His individual tools don't grade out well, and some think he'll need to move to second as a pro. He was the captain of Team USA last summer and put up big numbers as well. He hadn't done that in the early going of his junior season and this is a performance-based industry, so that could hurt his draft stock a little. Even if he doesn't pick it up, his past performance, makeup and baseball acumen should help ensure he doesn't wait too long to hear his name called.
Enhanced Scouting Report
54Eibner, BrettArkansasCFR/R6'03"2051988-12-02JR
Comments: Eibner is a two-way player who has some ability as an outfielder, though most agree his future is on the mound. His time spent hitting has no doubt held back his development as a pitcher, but he still shows the potential to have three pitches he can throw for strikes with smooth mechanics. Once he focuses on pitching, there might be more in the tank and his athleticsm certainly helps him on the mound. He's an intriguing college starting pitching prospect with upside -- and if he continues performing like he did at the start of the season, he will rush up Draft boards.
Enhanced Scouting Report
86Antonio, MichaelGeorge Washington HS (NY)SSR/R6'02"1901991-10-26HS
119Chapman, KevinFloridaLHPL/L6'03"2101988-02-19SR
Comments: Chapman had Tommy John surgery, which cost him his 2008 season, but he's emerged as one of the better college relievers in this Draft class. He's been up to 96 mph from the left side and commands his fastball pretty well. While he has an average changeup, his breaking ball is a little bit of a concern to some scouts, though some have seen the slider as better than that. Either way, he could be a quick-to-the-big-leagues short reliever that usually flies off the shelf come Draft time.
149Adam, JasonBlue Valley Northwest HS (KS)RHPR/R6'04"2251991-08-04HS
Comments: Jason is committed to the University of Missouri.
179Alexander, ScottSonoma StateLHPL/L6'02"1901989-07-10JR
209Cantrell, EricGeorge Washington UniversityRHPR/R6'04"2101989-07-25JR
239Mariot, MichaelNebraskaRHPR/R6'00"1901988-10-20JR
269Merrifield, WhitleySouth CarolinaRFR/R6'01"1989-01-24JR
299Ferguson, TimothyOle MissCFR/R6'01"1901988-10-25JR
329McClure, AlexMiddle Tennessee StateSSS/R6'00"1851989-06-16JR
359Hernandez, DanielMiami Dade CC SouthRHPR/R6'01"1801989-04-14J1
389Gray, JonathanChandler HS (OK)RHPR/R6'05"2451991-11-05HS
419Giovenco, MichaelNorth Park UniversityRHPR/R6'06"2351988-01-04SR
449Mitchell, JasonUniversity of Texas - ArlingtonRHPR/R6'02"1851988-03-13SR
479Byrne, CharlesEast Tennessee StateRHPS/R6'03"1851989-01-26JR
509Jenkins, RyanAuburnCR/R5'02"2201987-01-265S
539Fletcher, ScottAuburnLFR/R6'00"1751988-10-26JR
Comments: Brian is the son of former Major Leaguer Scott Fletcher.
569David, KevinOklahoma StateCR/R6'01"2051988-04-10JR
599Conner, CameronIndiana U SoutheastCFL/L6'02"1851988-01-16JR
629Liberto, MichaelMissouriSSR/R5'07"1701988-06-21SR
659Graham, TylerNevadaRHPR/R6'04"2501987-10-05SR
689Neff, StevenSouth CarolinaLHPL/L6'02"2051989-02-24JR
719Glazer, BrandonClear Spring HS (MD)SSR/R6'03"1901992-01-29HS
749Sosnoskie, MerrittVirginia TechLFL/L6'01"1801989-02-25JR
779Dooley, JonathanHenderson StateRHPR/R6'00"2051988-08-22SR
809Rodriguez, JoseMiami Dade CC SouthCFS/R5'08"1651987-11-25J1
839Watts, MurrayArkansas State1BL/R6'07"2701987-10-09SR
869Marquez, AlexanderAlfonso Casta Martinez HSCR/R5'11"1901992-12-10HS
899Blauer, ChadPoint Loma Nazarene UniversityRHPR/R6'03"2151987-12-21SR
929Bangs, ParkerSouth CarolinaRHPR/R6'04"2101987-12-22SR
959Hageman, JustinHopkinsville HS (KY)RHPR/R6'02"2051991-11-23HS
989Lohden, AnthonySouthern Arkansas UniversityRHPR/R6'04"2201988-06-13SR
1019Blackmar, MarkCarroll HS (TX)RHPR/R6'02"2051992-04-28HS
1049Carlson, KrisWenatchee Valley CCRHPR/R6'03"1901989-10-30J2
1079Beacom, MitchellUCLALHPL/L6'08"2401989-07-04JR
1109Penny, RobertPitt CCRHPL/R6'03"1988-11-08J3
1139Graffeo, NickAlabama - BirminghamRHPR/R6'02"1901987-12-14SR
1169Rivers, AlexanderSanta Clara UniversityRHPR/R5'10"1701988-08-13SR
1199Cornstubble, DaleCentral MichiganCR/R5'11"1988-03-04SR
1229Ridings, MattWestern KentuckyRHPR/R6'00"1901987-10-17SR
1259Botelho, MichaelChabot ColCR/R6'02"2151991-10-03J1
1289Wilson, DillonWestern Oklahoma StateLHPL/L6'07"2101989-12-25J2
1319Payne, RashawnGeorgia Southern2BR/R6'01"1901989-07-13JR
1349Zebroski, ThomasGeorge Washington UniversitySSR/R5'10"1881988-09-08SR
1379Robertson, WilliamMiddle Tennessee StateCR/R6'03"1851987-12-22SR
1409Sandford, CliffordPark UCFS/R6'09"1701987-04-28JR
1439Hannemann, JacobLone Peak HS (UT)CFL/L6'01"1901991-04-29HS
1469Propst, JordanSouth CarolinaRHPR/R6'06"2051988-09-13SR
1499Jackson, JosephMauldin HS (SC)CL/R6'01"1801992-05-05HS
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2010 mlb draft cap
  • June 7, 7 p.m. ET
    Round 1, First-Year Player Draft, Secaucus, N.J.
    June 8, noon ET
    Rounds 2-30, First-Year Player Draft
    June 9, noon ET
    Rounds 31-50, First-Year Player Draft