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17Davis, D.J.Stone County HS (MS)OFL/L6'01"1801993-06-27HS 
Comments: Players who make a charge up draft boards are said to have "helium." Davis was floating up about as quickly as anyone in the class. Scouts have always known about Davis's speed. It's a plus -- he might be the fastest player in the Draft class -- and he knows how to use it, showing base-stealing acumen as well as very good range in center field. What's made him a more complete prospect is how far he's come with the bat. He's showing the ability to use a better approach and hit the gaps, developing from a guy who can run to a guy who can hit and run. He doesn't have a great arm, but it's playable in center and the rest of his defensive tools are outstanding. More than anything, Davis plays with high energy and seems to understand his game, profiling as a dynamic leadoff hitter type at the next level.
Enhanced Scouting Report
475Borucki, RyanMundelein HS (IL)LHPL/L6'04"1751994-03-31HS 
325Azor, AlexUnited States Naval AcademyCFL/L5'11"1901988-11-21SR 
112Alford, AnthonyPetal HS (MS)CFR/R6'01"2051994-07-20HS 
Comments: On the plus side, Alford has tools galore and the ability to do a lot of exciting things on the baseball field. On the negative, he also has that on the football field and has told teams he won't want to sign if selected. Based on pure, raw tools, Alford has close to or as much upside as anyone on this list. He has a pretty good approach at the plate, with a willingness to take what the pitcher gives him. Alford's strength should generate at least average power down the line. A plus runner, he'll be a basestealer once he learns that craft. The speed helps him in the outfield as well, and he tends to get good reads off the bat. Alford has a football scholarship to Southern Miss, so it will be interesting to see -- especially given the new Draft system in place in terms of spending -- if any team will be willing to give signing him away from the gridiron a shot.
Enhanced Scouting Report
486Winston, JameisHueytown HS (AL)CFS/R6'04"1901994-01-06HS 
Comments: A two-sport standout in high school, the biggest immediate question facing teams interested in his tools is whether or not he can be lured from quarterbacking at Florida State to play baseball full-time as a pro. Winston does bring a football mentality to the baseball field and he has some pretty good skills to go along with that aggressive demeanor. A switch-hitter, he's a spray hitter who shows more power potential from the right side. Winston is an average runner who is better under way, though he has enough wheels to have above-average range as a defender. He has more than enough arm (he also pitches) in the outfield and can play any position out there. More than anything, Winston just needs to play to improve his instincts and baseball IQ. Whether he chooses that path after the Draft should be an interesting storyline to watch.
Enhanced Scouting Report
93Williams, NickGalveston Ball HS (TX)CFL/L6'03"1951993-09-08HS 
Comments: Every Draft class has a number of raw, toolsy high school players, the high-risk, high-reward types that some teams love. Williams fits that mold perfectly.The Texas prepster reminds some of a less-refined Ken Griffey Jr., and a team taking him can only hope he develops as such. Williams has very good raw power, especially to his pull side, and a short swing could mean some good overall hitting skills. A tremendous athlete, Williams has excellent speed that should play once he learns more about baserunning.Defensively, he has a strong arm -- as pitcher, he's touched 94 mph -- but he doesn't throw well yet from the outfield. The raw tools are all there; it will take a team willing to be patient to see them turn into performance. But it could be well worth the wait.
Enhanced Scouting Report
53Wiles, CollinBlue Valley West HS (KS)RHPR/R6'04"1871994-05-30HS 
426Stafford, SamTexasLHPL/L6'04"2001990-04-27SR 
456Smith, KwintonDillon HS (SC)CFR/R6'03"1751994-07-01HS 
336Shiver, JosephSouthern Polytechnic St URHPR/R6'02"1751990-10-21JR 
246Schiller, CameronOral Roberts U2BS/R6'00"1951989-11-30SR 
306Niggli, JohnLiberty UniversityRHPR/R6'04"1851990-05-02SR 
276Kendall, CodyFresno StateRHPR/R6'02" 1989-12-12SR 
396Kela, KeoneEverett CCRHPR/R6'01"1901993-04-16J1 
83Jarmon, JamieIndian River HS (DE)CFR/R6'01"1931994-06-21HS 
Comments: This athletic football star won Delaware Player of the Year but his future lies in baseball. Jarmon has great speed in the outfield to go along with a great arm that could profile in center or right field. Jarmon generates great bat speed and has enough power to profile as a corner outfielder in the big leagues. He is somewhat raw and does not have the greatest instincts, especially on the base paths, but a team that thinks he can stay in center or add more power to his game will take him in the early going.
39Gallo, JoeyBishop Gorman HS (NV)3BL/R6'05"2051993-11-19HS 
Comments: Big and strong, Gallo pitches and hits in high school, but it's likely his power bat that will get him drafted in June.Gallo is an aggressive hitter with plus raw power. When he gets squared up, he can hit the ball out anywhere. He does have a big swing and there is some concern about him making consistent contact. He's played some third and first, with most feeling he'll end up at the latter. As a pitcher, he has more than enough arm strength for the position and should be fine defensively all-around. He is a below-average runner.In the end, though, it's the power that intrigues scouts. A team that thinks he'll hit enough to tap into it will be tempted to take him early.
Enhanced Scouting Report
123Cantwell, PatrickSUNY Stony BrookCR/R6'02"2051990-04-10SR 
366Brooks, EricMcLennan CCRHPR/R6'01"1951990-08-29J3 
29Brinson, LewisCoral Springs HS (FL)OFR/R6'03"1701994-05-08HS 
Comments: Raw, toolsy high school outfielders are always popular come Draft time and if his summer performance is any indication, Brinson has the chance to be one of the best in this category.Tall, lanky and athletic, he reminds some of Dexter Fowler or Cameron Maybin. Brinson has good bat speed and can spray line drives gap-to-gap. There's leverage in his swing with good raw power, which could develop into above-average pop in the future. He's an easily above-average runner, which should play well on both sides of the ball. He makes the plays in the outfield and has a strong arm.More than anything, Brinson is still raw. But as he showed over the summer, the more he plays against good competition, the better he gets. That bodes well for his future and there are sure to be many teams interested in his very full toolbox.
Enhanced Scouting Report
216Bolinger, RoyceGonzagaCFR/R6'02"2001990-08-12SR 
186Beck, PrestonUniversity of Texas - ArlingtonOFL/R6'02"1901990-10-26JR 
Comments: Texas-Arlington seems to be pretty good at producing outfielders who can hit. Back in 2004, it was Hunter Pence, who went in the second round. In 2010, it was Michael Choice, who went No. 10 overall to the A's. Now it's Beck's turn. He doesn't quite have the power Choice had, but there's pop in Beck's left-handed bat, and his hit tool grades out as a touch better than Choice's. With an outstanding arm and that offensive ability, Beck could fit the mold of a prototypical right fielder in the future.
156Asher, AlecPolk State ColRHPR/R6'04"2201991-10-04J2 
Comments: Asher has dominated JUCO this year, even with only one above-average pitch. His fastball sits in the mid 90s and has touched 97, and this has helped him strikeout more than a batter an inning. He also has great command of this pitch. He has a slider, a curve and a changeup, but none of these pitches has been consistent or commanded well. Of his secondary stuff, his slider is probably his best pitch. A team that thinks it can refine his secondary stuff will take a chance on him early.
119Toles, AndrewChipola ColCFL/R5'09"1751992-05-24J2 
25Shaffer, RichieClemson3BR/R6'03"2101991-03-15JR 
Comments: Shaffer was a pretty good high school prospect a few years ago, but a hand injury and his college commitment contributed to a slide to the 25th round and he headed to Clemson.Three years later, Shaffer is one of the more intriguing college bats in this Draft class. While there are holes to his swing, his bat is his best tool. He has plus power and can hit the ball out to all fields. He's played both infield corners, showing off a plus arm from third, but his range might be better suited for first. He's not a bad athlete and his power bat and arm might profile well for right field.Shaffer is always going to have some swing and miss to his game. But his ability to be a power-hitting run producer will make many teams interested in living with the strikeouts.
Enhanced Scouting Report
302Rickard, JoeyArizonaCFR/L6'01"1801991-05-21JR 
272Maile, LukeKentuckyCR/R6'03"2201991-02-06JR 
452Kirsch, ChristopherLackawanna CollegeLHPL/L6'03"1951991-11-15J2 
182Jackson, BralinRaytown South HS (MO)CFR/L6'02"1831993-12-02HS 
362Henning, ClaytonSt Thomas Aquinas HS (KS)CFL/L6'03"1801993-11-09HS 
392Hawkins, TaylorCarl Albert HS (OK)CR/R5'11"1881993-09-17HS 
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First Round

  • 1. Houston Astros
  • 2. Minnesota Twins
  • 3. Seattle Mariners
  • 4. Baltimore Orioles
  • 5. Kansas City Royals
  • 6. Chicago Cubs
  • 7. San Diego Padres
  • 8. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 9. Miami Marlins
  • 10. Colorado Rockies
  • 11. Oakland Athletics
  • 12. New York Mets
  • 13. Chicago White Sox
  • 14. Cincinnati Reds
  • 15. Cleveland Indians
  • 16. Washington Nationals
  • 17. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 18. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 19. St. Louis Cardinals (A. Pujols - LAA)
  • 20. San Francisco Giants
  • 21. Atlanta Braves
  • 22. Toronto Blue Jays (T. Beede - unsigned)
  • 23. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 24. Boston Red Sox
  • 25. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 26. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 27. Milwaukee Brewers (P. Fielder - DET)
  • 28. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 29. Texas Rangers
  • 30. New York Yankees
  • 31. Boston Red Sox (J. Papelbon - PHI)

Comp Round A

  • 32. Minnesota Twins (M. Cuddyer - COL)
  • 33. San Diego Padres (H. Bell - MIA)
  • 34. Oakland Athletics (J. Willingham - MIN)
  • 35. New York Mets (J. Reyes - MIA)
  • 36. St. Louis Cardinals (A. Pujols - LAA)
  • 37. Boston Red Sox (J. Papelbon - PHI)
  • 38. Milwaukee Brewers (P. Fielder - DET)
  • 39. Texas Rangers (C.J. Wilson - LAA)
  • 40. Philadelphia Phillies (R. Madson - CIN)
  • 41. Houston Astros (C. Barmes - PIT)
  • 42. Minnesota Twins (J. Kubel - ARI)
  • 43. Chicago Cubs (A. Ramirez - MIL)
  • 44. San Diego Padres (A. Harang - LAD)
  • 45. Pittsburgh Pirates (R. Doumit - MIN)
  • 46. Colorado Rockies (M. Ellis - LAD)
  • 47. Oakland Athletics (D. De Jesus - CHC)
  • 48. Chicago White Sox (M. Buehrle - MIA)
  • 49. Cincinnati Reds (R. Hernandez - COL)
  • 50. Toronto Blue Jays (F. Francisco - NYM)
  • 51. Los Angeles Dodgers (R. Barajas - PIT)
  • 52. St. Louis Cardinals (O. Dotel - DET)
  • 53. Texas Rangers (D. Oliver - TOR)
  • 54. Philadelphia Phillies (R. Ibanez - NYY)
  • 55. San Diego Padres (B. Austin - unsigned)
  • 56. Chicago Cubs (C. Pena - TB)
  • 57. Cincinnati Reds (F. Cordero - TOR)
  • 58. Toronto Blue Jays (J. Rauch - NYM)
  • 59. St. Louis Cardinals (E. Jackson - WAS)
  • 60. Toronto Blue Jays (J. Molina - TB)

Second Round

  • 61. Houston Astros
  • 62. Oakland Athletics (J. Willingham - MIN)
  • 63. Minnesota Twins
  • 64. Seattle Mariners
  • 65. Baltimore Orioles
  • 66. Kansas City Royals
  • 67. Chicago Cubs
  • 68. San Diego Padres
  • 69. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 70. San Diego Padres (H. Bell - MIA)
  • 71. New York Mets (J. Reyes - MIA)
  • 72. Minnesota Twins (M. Cuddyer - COL)
  • 73. Colorado Rockies
  • 74. Oakland Athletics
  • 75. New York Mets
  • 76. Chicago White Sox
  • 77. Philadelphia Phillies (R. Madson - CIN)
  • 78. Cincinnati Reds
  • 79. Cleveland Indians
  • 80. Washington Nationals
  • 81. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 82. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 83. Texas Rangers (C.J. Wilson - LAA)
  • 84. San Francisco Giants
  • 85. Atlanta Braves
  • 86. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 87. Boston Red Sox
  • 88. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 89. New York Yankees (S. Stafford - unsigned)
  • 90. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 91. Detroit Tigers
  • 92. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 93. Texas Rangers
  • 94. New York Yankees
  • 95. Philadelphia Phillies

Third Round

  • 96. Houston Astros
  • 97. Minnesota Twins
  • 98. Seattle Mariners
  • 99. Baltimore Orioles
  • 100. Kansas City Royals
  • 101. Chicago Cubs
  • 102. San Diego Padres
  • 103. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 104. Miami Marlins
  • 105. Colorado Rockies
  • 106. Oakland Athletics
  • 107. New York Mets
  • 108. Chicago White Sox
  • 109. Cincinnati Reds
  • 110. Cleveland Indians
  • 111. Washington Nationals
  • 112. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 113. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 114. Los Angeles Angels
  • 115. San Francisco Giants
  • 116. Atlanta Braves
  • 117. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 118. Boston Red Sox
  • 119. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 120. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 121. Detroit Tigers
  • 122. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 123. Texas Rangers
  • 124. New York Yankees
  • 125. Philadelphia Phillies

Comp Round B

  • 126. Seattle Mariners (K. Cron - unsigned)
  • 127. Miami Marlins (C. Barron - unsigned)
  • 128. Colorado Rockies (P. O'Brien - unsigned)

Rounds 4-40

  • 129. Houston Astros
  • 130. Minnesota Twins
  • 131. Seattle Mariners
  • 132. Baltimore Orioles
  • 133. Kansas City Royals
  • 134. Chicago Cubs
  • 135. San Diego Padres
  • 136. Pittsburgh Pirates
  • 137. Miami Marlins
  • 138. Colorado Rockies
  • 139. Oakland Athletics
  • 140. New York Mets
  • 141. Chicago White Sox
  • 142. Cincinnati Reds
  • 143. Cleveland Indians
  • 144. Washington Nationals
  • 145. Toronto Blue Jays
  • 146. Los Angeles Dodgers
  • 147. Los Angeles Angels
  • 148. San Francisco Giants
  • 149. Atlanta Braves
  • 150. St. Louis Cardinals
  • 151. Boston Red Sox
  • 152. Tampa Bay Rays
  • 153. Arizona Diamondbacks
  • 154. Detroit Tigers
  • 155. Milwaukee Brewers
  • 156. Texas Rangers
  • 157. New York Yankees
  • 158. Philadelphia Phillies
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