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Hall of Fame 2003
Eddie Murray and Gary Carter were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.
Eddie Murray and Gary Carter were inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. (
Hall welcomes Carter, Murray
One was a tireless worker who always wore an unforgettable smile. The other was a quiet star with one of the most dangerous swings in the game. Gary Carter and Eddie Murray entered baseball history together as they were enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Full story >  

• Gary Carter's speech 
• Eddie Murray's speech 
• Bob Uecker's speech 
Banner day for Uecker
Bob Uecker's acceptance speech for the Ford C. Frick Award was a collection of one-liners that had the Hall of Famers and audience in complete stitches.  More >  
Gary Carter Kid's in the Hall
Infectious enthusiasm defined Gary Carter's 19-year career.
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Highlights from '86 Series 56K | 300K
Eddie Murray Hip, hip Murray
Eddie Murray etched his way to Cooperstown in his own style.
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Murray's 3000th hit 56K | 300K
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Carter dedicates speech to parents
Gary Carter will always be "The Kid" at heart, he told a gathering of 18,000 people seated in the rolling meadow behind the Clark Sports Complex on Sunday. But at 49 years old the body isn't as willing. "It's nice to know that even though my body feels like an old man now, I will always be a kid at heart," he said as he concluded his speech during Sunday's Induction Ceremonies.  More >
Murray lets down the wall at Hall
Eddie Murray's playing career had been a 21-year-long enactment of The Wall, the Pink Floyd concept concert about isolationism. Now that he was a freshly minted Hall of Famer, it was time to let The Wall come down.  
Cooperstown welcomes McCoy
Honored with the Hall of Fame's J.G. Taylor Spink award, Hal McCoy entered the Hall with an emotional acceptance speech Sunday. McCoy, who has written for the Dayton Daily News for 31 years, spoke of the optical strokes he suffered earlier this year and his courageous decision to overcome his disability.  More >
  2003 J.G. Taylor Spink Award
Hal McCoy Different Hall trip for Reds writer
The most experienced baseball beat writer in MLB is returning to Cooperstown, N.Y. And this time it's to receive a distinguished award.
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National Baseball Hall of Fame
Looking ahead to 2004:

Early January
• Class of '04 announced

Sunday, July 25
• Induction Ceremony
  Sights & Sounds
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An insider's tour of the Hall
MLB Radio host Billy Sample recently toured the National Baseball Hall of Fame with Curator Ted Spencer.
How Bobby Thomson's "Shot Heard 'Round the World" hat ended up in the Hall
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Revisiting old ballparks like Comiskey Park, Griffith Stadium, Braves Field and Ebbetts Field
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