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2002 Hall of Fame Inductions
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2002 Hall of Fame Inductions

Hall of Fame Sights & Sounds

MLB Radio's Induction ceremony coverage
Speeches: Ozzie Smith | Joe Falls | Harry Kalas
Smith's press conference after the Induction ceremony
Smith talks to MLB Radio
Hall of Fame President Dale Petroskey previews Smith's weekend
Smith says the most important thing was entertaining fans
Smith is honored to be gracing the Hall Of Fame
Joe Torre, Smith's former manager, says Ozzie was a tenacious worker
Torre feels honored to have managed Smith
Harry Kalas talks about making it to Cooperstown
Bob Feller joined MLB Radio from Cooperstown
Past Hall of Fame Induction speeches

The Hall's Official Dedication from 1939: 56K | 300K
Superstar shortstops, Part I: 56K | 300K  Part II: 56K | 300K
Smith's career highlights: 56K | 300K
Smith's farewell ceremony: 56K | 300K

Induction ceremonies
Tribute to The Wizard

Schedule of Events
July 27-29, 2002

Sat. 7/27 - Oneonta Tigers vs. Auburn Doubledays, Doubleday Field, 2 p.m. ET

Sun. 7/28 - Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony,
Clark Sports Center

Mon. 7/29 - Hall of Fame Game, Doubleday Field, Rockies vs. White Sox, 2 p.m. ET



The Hall's Official Dedication from 1939: 56K | 300K

We cracked open the MLB vault to bring you selected audio of Hall of Fame Induction speeches from years gone by.


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