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Ty Cobb displays his famous open-handed batting grip in an unfamiliar uniform in 1928. (Private Collection)
A lot of American fans have only recently become acquainted with Japanese baseball. However, the sport has flourished in Japan for over a century. More >
The press conference resembled the weigh-in before a heavyweight fight as Hank Aaron and Sadaharu Oh shook hands and agreed to come out fighting the next afternoon. More >
Ichiro Suzuki's breakout season in 2001 sparked serious interest in Japanese position players. Here's a look at the three high-profile Japanese free agents. More >
For a shining moment on Nov. 11, 1934, a high school pitcher captured the imagination of a country and the respect of some of the greatest players in baseball. More >
John Holway writes about his first-hand experience during an MLB All-Star tour of Japan during the 1950s. More >
Major League tours of Japan
For more than a century, Americans and Japanese have been united in their love for baseball. The Japanese began playing baseball in the 1870s and quickly mastered the game. More >

Download Japan History artwork: 800 | 1024
The Babe on a Barge? Rare, vintage photos, mostly from private collections, highlight this look back at "barnstormin' Japan" through the years. Launch gallery >
• 1974 • The legendary Home Run contest between Hank Aaron and Sadaharu Oh, in Japan. 56K | 300K
• 1978 • Sadaharu Oh in his historic pursuit of Hank Aaron's all-time HR record. (In Japanese) 56K | 300K
• 1980 • Pete Rose and Steve Garvey lead MLB vs. the Japanese All-Stars (whose reliever wears a Pirates-type uniform and has a Kent Tekulve-like motion). Watch for the cool interview feature at the end of Part II.
Part I: 56K | 300K   II: 56K | 300K
• 1987 • Iron Chef? No, Iron Man! Sachio Kinugasa breaks Lou Gehrig's record of consecutive games played. (In Japanese) 56K | 300K
• 2000 • Japan MVP "Godzilla" Matsui could not help his team win Game 5, as the Barry Bonds, Roberto Alomar and MLB win 5-1. 56K | 300K
• 2001 • Highlights from the Rookie of the Year/MVP season that started "Ichiromania." 56K | 300K
• Watch the Japanese League's greatest plays.
Part I: 56K | 300K   II: 56K | 300K   III: 56K | 300K  
• Chuckle at the Japanese League's funniest follies.
Part I: 56K | 300K   II: 56K | 300K   III: 56K | 300K  

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  1986-2004: Series results & MLB MVPs >
  1959-1978: Sadaharu Oh vs. MLB pitchers >