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History: Sadaharu Oh HRs vs. MLB pitchers

Sadaharu Oh hit 25 home runs against MLB pitchers in 13 Japan series.

1962 vs. Detroit Tigers
1, Hank Aguirre

1966 vs. Los Angeles Dodgers
2, Jim Brewer
3, Nick Willhite
4, Nick Willhite
5, Alan Foster
6, Ron Moeller

1968 vs. St. Louis Cardinals
7, Steve Carlton
8, Dick Hughes
9, Nelson Briles
10, Ray Washburn
11, Larry Jaster
12, Wayne Granger

1970 vs. San Francisco Giants (Spring)
13, Frank Reberger
14, Frank Linzy

1971 vs. Baltimore Orioles
15, Pat Dobson
16, Jim Palmer
17, Dick Hall

1974 vs. New York Mets
18, Jerry Cram
19, Jerry Cram
20, Jerry Koosman
21, Jon Matlack
22, Jon Matlack
23, Jon Matlack

1978 vs. Cincinnati Reds
24, Tom Seaver
25, Tom Hume

From Tetsuya Usami's book, "O-N" records.