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2001 All-Star Game
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After his third-inning home run put the AL on the board, Cal Ripken was named MVP in his final All-Star Game as the American League cruised to a 4-1 win. More>
Ripken homers in final All-Star Game
Ripken celebration takes on family feel
Kind words for Ripken

300K VIDEO:  Relive All-Star Pregame from SAFECO Field
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Kid Reporter
D.J. takes in Dale Jr., FanFest & All-Star Game.

Check out MLB Radio's exclusive coverage over the last three days. Archives are available.

Click here for broadcast in Japanese.

The Futures Game
Top U.S. and international Minor League prospects take the field. More>
Seattle will be Baseball Heaven on Earth. More>
Home Run Derby
AL and NL sluggers battle for longball supremacy. More>
Ultimate Card Show's Ultimate Card Show, Live from the ASG. More>
Starters Announced
The results are in and the fans have spoken. More>
Reserves are picked
Torre and Valentine have made their selections. More>
All-Star History
All-Star records, facts and notes. More>
An All-Star Game for the ages
And so, they all lived happily ever after. That is actually just a mild overstatement of the sort of sentiment that was generated in SAFECO Field Tuesday night. More>

AL Notebook: Puckett speaks
The question was put to Kirby Puckett this way Tuesday: "Who's the best triples hitter in baseball?" Puckett, the soon-to-be-enshrined Hall-of-Famer, wasted not a second in answering. He said, "Cristian Guzman." More>

NL Notebook: Tommy gets cheers
A big baseball event isn't complete without the presence of Tommy Lasorda. The former Dodgers and U.S. Olympic Team manager always brings a certain unadulterated joy to the game. More>

Luis Gonzalez beat out Sammy Sosa in the Championship Round of Monday's Home Run Derby. Gonzalez belted 6 dingers to Sosa's 2. Complete Derby coverage>

Celebrities name their All-Stars
As Ripken steps aside, Glaus takes the torch
Lasorda moment supplies smiles after a scare
ASG reflects international flavor
International legends throw out first pitches
Johnson to start over Schilling
Demuth happy to umpire ASG
Earnhardt Jr a latte day Intimidator
Bauman: Sheets not typical rookie
Managers speak: Clemens, Schilling get nod
Hall yeah! Toby Hall MVP of Futures Game

Catch up with all the news, notes and info has gathered on the 2001 All-Star Game.

JULY 8, 2001
RadioShack All-Star Sunday
RadioShack Futures Game
5:30 p.m. ET/2:30 p.m. PT
Game Recap 56K | 300K

JULY 9, 2001
Claritin All-Star Workout Day
Century 21 Home Run Derby
8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT
RadioShack Legends & Celebrity Softball Game
taped, (following HR Derby)

Round 1: 56K | 300K

Semis: 56K | 300K

Finals: 56K | 300K

JULY 10, 2001
72nd All-Star Game
8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT

56K | 300K