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2001 All-Star Game
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2001 All-Star Game

Futures players give responses to fan email

Wilson Betemit (Braves), SS -World Team
Are you excited about the fact that you may be with the Braves soon and how do you think you will do?
I am very happy right now. God-willing, I think I can do something there. But you never know. I just hope my good luck continues.

Juan Pena (Athletics), P -World Team
You've kept your ERA so low in the Texas League, a notorious hitters league. What are you doing differently from others players to keep your ERA down?
I just try to keep the ball down. If I can do that, everything is going to be alright.

Ryan Ludwick (Athletics), OF - US Team
How does if feel to play on a field, that in two days will house baseball's best players?
It's a great honor being here. It's a beautiful ballpark, for one. Being here will all of these guys who will be big leaguers and potentially will play in the All-Star Game, it's a great feeling.

Adam Dunn (Reds), OF - US Team
I hope you get to Cincy soon..we need the help. When do you think you'll get there?
That's out of my control. I've never faced that kind of pitching. That's the best of the best. I won't know how I can do unless I'm put in that situation. Thanks for thinking so highly of me.

What is it like making your way through the minors?
You just have to pay your dues like everybody else does. I wouldn't say it's tough. But you're used to playing 30-40 games in high school, 60 games in college. That first year you have to play 140 games. That's tough on your body. You have to focus. That's a long year, man.

Ricardo Rodriguez (Dodgers), P - World Team
Was it fun getting to spend time with other highly regarded prospects?
I feel real good. I am almost at their level. I feel like I am progressing. This is has been great experience. I have been learning so much more about baseball. It's been a great trip.

J.R. House (Pirates), C - US Team
Who have you been most excited to meet at today’s Celebrity/Legends softball Game? Did any of the Legends tell you any good stories or provide good advice for your career?
They were pretty much busy playing in the game. We didn't get to talk to them much. You read about them and it's nice to get to meet them a little. I enjoyed looking at Joy Enriquez, though.

Joe Borchard (White Sox), OF - US Team
Does this make the dream of playing in the actual all-star game even stronger?
Yes, the excitement of playing in an all-star game like this really makes you wonder what the real thing is like. The crowd here is unbelievable. Multiply it by about 100 and you'd probably have the real thing (the Major League All-Star game).

Jamal Strong (Mariners), OF - US Team
How excited are you to be playing in front of such a large crowd at SAFECO?
I'm very excited to be playing here at Safeco Field. The crowd, I'm amazed to see so many people here today. With me being the only Mariner organziation product here, I'm pretty sure the crowd will be behind me. I just want to go out there and produce for the fans and for the organization.

Being in the M’s farm system, has he had a chance to interact at all with current Mariners while he’s been here?
The Mariners are in LA right now. But the clubbies here are treating me real well. Our Triple-A coach is here and Chris Bosio is here. All the front office guys are here and I had the chance to meet with all of them. It's been a real pleasure to be here.

Jason Lane (left) fields some fan email while's Jonathan Mayo takes down his answers.
Jae Seo (Mets), P - World Team
Was there a huge cultural difference for you when you came to play professional baseball in the US? Did you encounter any government issues?
The lifestyle and the food were totally different and a different language of course. I do like to be in the Korean community because of the food. There were no government issues.

Jason Lane (Astros), OF - US Team
Being from California, what do you miss most now that you're in Texas?
Probably the weather -- a day like today, when it's not humid and a nice breeze coming off the ocean. I just love that natural air conditioning.