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Big Mac announces his retirement
Mark McGwire, who broke baseball's single-season home run record only to see it shattered three years later, has decided to retire. The St. Louis first baseman, who ranks fifth all-time with 583 career homers, said that he was "worn out" and had decided not to sign the two-year, $30 million extension the Cardinals had offered and will instead end his 16-year career.
Mac belongs on short list of greats
If you grew up as a baseball fan, you knew the names even when you were a kid. You probably knew the numbers, too: Aaron, 755; Ruth, 714; Mays, 660; Robinson, 586; Killebrew, 573. Now Mark McGwire is in that group.
Big Mac left his Mark on the game
From the time he broke into the Major Leagues in 1986 until he played his last game a little more than two weeks ago, Mark McGwire was not only the greatest home run hitter of his generation.
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 Big Mac Multimedia
Career Gallery >>

Career Homer milestones:
Homer #200 (6/10/92)
56K | 300K
Homer #300 (6/25/96)
56K | 300K
Homer #400 (5/8/98)
56K | 300K
Homer #500 (8/5/99)
56K | 300K
Homer #550 (6/24/00)
56K | 300K
HR #583 (final dinger)
56K | 300K

From the Chase of '98:
Homer #62 (9/8/98) :
56K | 300K
Homer #70 (9/27/98) :
56K | 300K

A few monster shots:
On top of Tiger Stadium's roof:
56K | 300K
In to the fifth SkyDome deck:
56K | 300K
538ft HR off Randy Johnson:
56K | 300K

MLB Radio:
A former teammate talks about Big Mac: Ken Phelps
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