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Sammy Sosa joins the 500 club
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Sammy Sosa's career home runs
Six games with three homers -- tying the MLB record; The 10,000th homer in Cubs organization history; the first player in MLB history to homer more than 60 times in three different seasons -- Sammy Sosa's accomplishments on road to 500 are unmatched. Here's the complete list of longballs:

No. Date Yr. vs. Pitcher Ballpark Inn. OB  Notes
 1989 - Texas (1), White Sox (3)
16/211BOSRoger ClemensFenway Park50• first major league HR
56K | 300K
28/222MINDavid WestMetrodome91 
39/33BALJeff BallardOld Comiskey40 
49/224TEXBrad ArnsbergArlington Sta.40 
 1990 - White Sox (15)
54/281TORMike FlanaganOld Comiskey10• first leadoff HR
64/292TORJimmy KeyOld Comiskey22 
75/223NYYDave LaPointYankee Sta.10• second leadoff HR
85/304NYYChuck CaryOld Comiskey80 
96/205CALMark LangstonOld Comiskey50 
106/276CALChuck FinleyEdison Field10• third leadoff HR
116/307NYYDave LaPointOld Comiskey30 
127/38DETBrian DuBoisOld Comiskey31 
137/289MILTeddy HigueraOld Comiskey10• fourth leadoff HR
148/410MILTom EdensCounty Sta.62 
158/1511TORJohn CandelariaOld Comiskey40 
168/2012OAKDave StewartOld Comiskey61 
179/1413BOSJoe HeskethOld Comiskey41 
189/1814OAKMike MooreNetwork Col.40 
199/2115SEARandy JohnsonKingdome21 
 1991 - White Sox (10)
204/81BALJeff BallardMemorial Sta.22 
214/82BALPaul KilgusMemorial Sta.80• first 2-HR game
224/163NYYDave EilandYankee Sta.20 
235/74MILMark LeeComiskey Park120• first extra-inning HR
245/105TORWillie FraserSkydome121• second extra-inning HR
255/226CALScott LewisEdison Field32 
265/307CALBob McClureComiskey Park80• first pinch-hit HR
276/18OAKAndy HawkinsComiskey Park31 
286/289MINAllan AndersonMetrodome22 
299/810TEXKevin BrownArlington Sta.81 
 1992 - Cubs (8)
305/71HOURyan BowenWrigley Field10• fifth leadoff HR
• first NL/Cubs HR
315/312LAKevin GrossWrigley Field71 
326/53MONScott ServiceOlympic Sta.92 
336/104STLMark ClarkBusch Sta.20 
346/105STLMark ClarkBusch Sta.60• second 2-HR game
357/276PITDoug DrabekWrigley Field10• sixth leadoff HR
367/297PITStan BelindaWrigley Field111• third extra-inning HR
378/48MONMark GardnerOlympic Sta.42 
 1993 - Cubs (33)
384/121ATLSteve AveryFulton County20 
394/172PHICurt SchillingWrigley Field20 
404/233CINTim PughWrigley Field51 
414/234CINBill LandrumWrigley Field70• third 2-HR game
425/45COLDarren HolmesWrigley Field92 
435/46COLWillie BlairWrigley Field111• fourth 2-HR game
• fourth extra-inning HR
445/87SDDave EilandWrigley Field40 
455/158PITDennis MoellerWrigley Field51 
465/299MONDennis MartinezWrigley Field21 
476/1710STLRheal CormierWrigley Field41 
486/1711STLRheal CormierWrigley Field62• fifth 2-HR game
496/1812STLLes LancasterWrigley Field81 
506/2013STLBob TewksburyWrigley Field40 
516/2614LARamon MartinezDodger Sta.61 
526/3015SDWally WhitehurstQualcomm40 
536/3016SDPedro A. MartinezQualcomm80• sixth 2-HR game
547/717CINTim PughWrigley Field10 
557/1618COLCurtis LeskanicWrigley Field11 
567/2119CINJose RijoCinergy Field20 
577/2820SDDoug BrocailWrigley Field20 
588/121LAOrel HershiserWrigley Field30 
598/222PITMark PetkovsekWrigley Field60 
608/523PITRandy TomlinWrigley Field21 
618/624STLRheal CormierBusch Sta.20 
628/625STLRheal CormierBusch Sta.41• seventh 2-HR game
638/1126FLARobb NenPro Player61 
648/1527SFBill SwiftWrigley Field11 
658/1728MONKirk RueterWrigley Field20 
668/1829MONKen HillWrigley Field40 
679/230NYJosias ManzanilloWrigley Field90 
689/331NYFrank TananaWrigley Field20 
699/2732LAOrel HershiserDodger Sta.30 
7010/333SDWally WhitehurstQualcomm11 
 1994 - Cubs (25)
714/141NYJonathan HurstShea Sta.82 
724/222COLMike MunozMile High Sta.80 
735/43CINTom BrowningWrigley Field10• seventh leadoff HR
745/64PITDenny NeagleThree Rivers30 
755/65PITAlejandro PenaThree Rivers81• eighth 2-HR game
765/86PITZane SmithThree Rivers40 
775/177SDDonnie ElliottWrigley Field32 
785/218SFBryan HickersonWrigley Field20• ninth 2-HR game
795/219SFSteve FreyWrigley Field70 
805/2310LAKevin GrossDodger Sta.21 
815/2911ATLTom GlavineFulton County10• eighth leadoff HR
825/3112PHIMike WilliamsWrigley Field22 
835/3113PHIMike WilliamsWrigley Field30• 10th 2-HR game
846/1114LAOrel HershiserWrigley Field80 
856/1215LATom CandiottiWrigley Field70 
866/2116FLAMike JeffcoatPro Player81 
877/117HOUDoug DrabekAstrodome20 
887/318HOUGreg SwindellAstrodome60 
897/519COLKevin RitzWrigley Field30 
907/1520CINJose RijoCinergy Field40 
917/1921COLDavid NiedMile High Sta.40 
927/2022COLKevin RitzMile High Sta.11 
937/2023COLDarren HolmesMile High Sta.51• 11th 2-HR game
947/2224CINJohn RoperWrigley Field51 
958/325FLARobb NenWrigley Field90 
 1995 - Cubs (36)
964/281MONButch HenryWrigley Field11 
974/292MONReid CorneliusWrigley Field60 
985/103STLKen HillBusch Sta.40 
995/144SDJoey HamiltonWrigley Field50 
1005/145SDTrevor HoffmanWrigley Field90• 12th 2-HR game
1015/156SFJose Bautista3Com Park70 
1025/197LATom CandiottiDodger Sta.11 
1035/218LAFelix RodriguezDodger Sta.130• fifth extra-inning HR
1045/289FLARichie LewisWrigley Field71 
1055/2910ATLTom GlavineWrigley Field70 
1066/411FLAChris HammondPro Player20 
1076/1712LARamon MartinezWrigley Field41 
1086/2013SDScott SandersQualcomm11 
1096/2214HOUPedro A. MartinezAstrodome72 
1107/115STLMark PetkovsekWrigley Field12 
1117/1516CINJeff BrantleyWrigley Field90 
1127/1817NYBobby J. JonesWrigley Field90 
1137/3018PHIMike MimbsWrigley Field70 
1148/1019SDRon VilloneWrigley Field72 
1158/1420LATom CandiottiDodger Sta.11• The 10,000th HR in Cubs' history
56K | 300K
1168/1721COLRoger BaileyCoors Field82 
1178/1822COLMike MunozCoors Field72 
1188/1923COLKevin RitzCoors Field52 
1198/2024COLBryan RekarCoors Field20 
1208/2325FLADavid WeathersWrigley Field11 
1218/2326FLADavid WeathersWrigley Field32• 13th 2-HR game
1228/2427FLAMark GardnerWrigley Field71 
1238/2828ATLSteve AveryWrigley Field11 
1248/2829ATLBrad ClontzWrigley Field71• 14th 2-HR game
1258/3030FLAJohn BurkettPro Player90 
1269/231ATLSteve AveryFulton County30 
1279/232ATLAlejandro PenaFulton County71• 15th 2-HR game
1289/433COLBryan RekarWrigley Field11 
1299/1334LARamon MartinezWrigley Field32 
1309/1635SDAndy AshbyQualcomm41 
1319/1636SDDustin HermansonQualcomm80• 16th 2-HR game
 1996 - Cubs (40)
1324/31SDJoey HamiltonWrigley Field51 
1334/42LAJohn CummingsWrigley Field42 
1344/173CINKevin JarvisWrigley Field31 
1354/174CINJohnny RuffinWrigley Field101• 17th 2-HR game
• sixth extra-inning HR
1364/195SFAllen WatsonWrigley Field30 
1374/246SDWillie BlairQualcomm82 
1385/37NYPaul WilsonWrigley Field92 
1395/58NYPete HarnischWrigley Field11 
1405/59NYJerry DipotoWrigley Field90• 18th 2-HR game
1415/1110NYPete HarnischShea Sta.11 
1425/1211NYMark ClarkShea Sta.40 
1435/1312HOUShane ReynoldsWrigley Field51 
1445/1513HOUDonne WallWrigley Field40 
1455/1614HOUJeff TabakaWrigley Field70 
1465/1615HOUJim DoughertyWrigley Field71• 19th 2-HR game
• first Cub with 2 HRs in same inning
56K | 300K
1475/2416HOUDonne WallAstrodome62 
1486/217FLAKevin BrownPro Player80 
1496/518PHITerry MulhollandWrigley Field41 
1506/519PHITerry MulhollandWrigley Field60• 20th multiple-HR game
1516/520PHIRuss SpringerWrigley Field71• first 3-HR game
1526/1121PHIBobby MunozVeterans Sta.11 
1536/1422SDBob TewksburyWrigley Field50 
1546/1823LAChan Ho ParkWrigley Field82 
1556/2024SDTim WorrellQualcomm61 
1566/2225SDAndy AshbyQualcomm30 
1576/2926CINJeff ShawCinergy Field80 
1587/627CINKevin JarvisWrigley Field60 
1597/1428STLAlan BenesWrigley Field51 
1607/1529PITSteve ParrisWrigley Field82 
1617/1630PITDenny NeagleWrigley Field12 
1627/2131STLDonovan OsborneBusch Sta.60 
1637/2332SFShawn Estes3Com Park61 
1647/2333SFMark Dewey3Com Park72• 21st multiple-HR game
1657/2634COLMarvin FreemanCoors Field30 
1667/2835COLKevin RitzCoors Field20 
1677/3036SFWm. Van LandinghamWrigley Field41 
1688/137COLMark ThompsonWrigley Field40 
1698/538NYPaul WilsonWrigley Field30 
1708/739NYBobby J. JonesWrigley Field11 
1718/1940FLARobb NenWrigley Field81 
 1997 - Cubs (36)
1724/81FLAAl LeiterWrigley Field20 
1734/222MONDustin HermansonOlympic Sta.20 
1744/253PITJeff GrangerWrigley Field82 
1755/44LAChan Ho ParkDodger Sta.60 
1765/115SFMark Gardner3Com Park12 
1775/136LAPedro AstacioWrigley Field81 
1785/167SDWill CunnaneWrigley Field50 
1795/188SFShawn EstesWrigley Field11 
1805/189SFJulian TavarezWrigley Field70• 22nd multiple-HR game
1815/2110PHIRon BlazierWrigley Field71 
1825/2311CINKent MerckerCinergy Field40 
1835/2412CINDave BurbaCinergy Field40 
1845/2613PITFrancisco CordovaThree Rivers60• first inside-the-park HR
56K | 300K
1856/514PHIJerry SpradlinVeterans Sta.71 
1866/1015NYCory LidleWrigley Field70 
1876/2816HOUJohn HudekWrigley Field81 
1887/217KCKevin AppierWrigley Field20 
1897/1118STLMark PetkovsekWrigley Field72 
1907/2319ATLChad FoxWrigley Field80 
1917/2420COLJamey WrightCoors Field20 
1927/2521COLFrank CastilloCoors Field10 
1938/122LAHideo NomoWrigley Field71 
1948/323LATodd WorrellWrigley Field121• seventh extra-inning HR
1958/724SFWilson AlvarezWrigley Field51 
1968/825SDPete SmithWrigley Field60 
1978/1326SFMark Gardner3Com Park40 
1988/1927FLAAlex FernandezPro Player20 
1998/2228MONSteve KlineWrigley Field71 
2008/2429MONSteve KlineWrigley Field82 
2018/2830FLADonn PallWrigley Field80 
2029/131MINRich RobertsonWrigley Field11 
2039/232MINTravis MillerWrigley Field61 
2049/1533CINMike MorganWrigley Field20 
2059/1634CINKent MerckerWrigley Field61 
2069/1735STLTony FossasWrigley Field91 
2079/1936PHIDarrin WinstonWrigley Field40 
 1998 - Cubs (66)
2084/41MONMarc ValdesWrigley Field30 
2094/112MONAnthony TelfordOlympic Sta.70 
2104/153NYDennis CookShea Sta.80 
2114/234SDDan MiceliWrigley Field90 
2124/244LAIsmael ValdesDodger Sta.10 
2134/276SDJoey HamiltonQualcomm11 
2145/37STLCliff PolitteWrigley Field10 
2155/168CINScott SullivanCinergy Field32 
2165/229ATLGreg MadduxTurner Field10 
2175/2510ATLKevin MillwoodTurner Field40• 23rd multiple-HR game
2185/2511ATLMike CatherTurner Field82 
2195/2712PHIDarrin WinstonWrigley Field80 
2205/2713PHIWayne GomesWrigley Field91• 24th multiple-HR game
2216/114FLARyan DempsterWrigley Field11 
2226/115FLAOscar HenriquezWrigley Field82• 25th multiple-HR game
2236/316FLALivan HernandezWrigley Field51 
2246/517SOXJim ParqueWrigley Field51 
2256/618SOXCarlos CastilloWrigley Field70 
2266/719SOXJames BaldwinWrigley Field52 
2276/820MINLaTroy HawkinsMetrodome30 
2286/1321PHIMark PortugalVeterans Sta.61 
2296/1522MILCal EldredWrigley Field10 
2306/1523MILCal EldredWrigley Field30• 26th multiple-HR game
2316/1524MILCal EldredWrigley Field70• second 3-HR game
2326/1725MILBronswell PatrickWrigley Field40 
2336/1926PHICarlton LoewerWrigley Field10 
2346/1927PHICarlton LoewerWrigley Field51• 27th multiple-HR game
2356/2028PHIMatt BeechWrigley Field31 
2366/2029PHIToby BorlandWrigley Field62• 28th multiple-HR game
2376/2130PHITyler GreenWrigley Field40 
2386/2431DETSeth GreisingerTiger Sta.10 
2396/2532DETBrian MoehlerTiger Sta.70 56K | 300K
2406/3033AZAlan EmbreeWrigley Field80• 20th HR of month - MLB record
2417/934MILJeff JudanCounty Sta.21 
2427/1035MILScott KarlCounty Sta.20 
2437/1736FLAKirt OjalaPro Player61 
2447/2237MONMiguel BatistaWrigley Field82 
2457/2638NYRick ReedWrigley Field61 
2467/2739AZWillie BlairBank One Ballpark61 
2477/2740AZAlan EmbreeBank One Ballpark83• 29th multiple-HR game
• first grand slam
56K | 300K
2487/2841AZBob WolcottBank One Ballpark53• second grand slam
2497/3142COLJamey WrightWrigley Field10 
2508/543AZAndy BenesWrigley Field31 
2518/844STLRick CroushoreBusch Sta.91 
2528/1045SFRuss Ortiz3Com Park50 
2538/1046SFChris Brock3Com Park70• 30th multiple-HR game
2548/1647HOUSean BergmanAstrodome40 
2558/1948STLKent BottenfieldWrigley Field51 
2568/2149SFOrel HershiserWrigley Field51 
2578/2350HOUJose LimaWrigley Field50 
2588/2351HOUJose LimaWrigley Field80• 31st multiple-HR game
2598/2652CINBrett TomkoCinergy Field30 
2608/2853COLJohn ThomsonCoors Field10 
2618/3054COLDarryl KileCoors Field11 
2628/3155CINBrett TomkoWrigley Field31 
2639/256CINJason BereWrigley Field60• tied Hack Wilson's 1930 club record
2649/457PITJason SchmidtThree Rivers10 
2659/558PITSean LawrenceThree Rivers60 
2669/1159MILBill PulsipherWrigley Field50 56K | 300K
2679/1260MILV. De Los SantosWrigley Field72• tied Babe Ruth's 1927 total
2689/1361MILBronswell PatrickWrigley Field51• tied Roger Maris' 1961 total
2699/1362MILEric PlunkWrigley Field90• 32nd multiple-HR game
2709/1663SDBrian BoehringerQualcomm83• third grand slam
2719/2364MILRafael RoqueCounty Sta.50 
2729/2365MILRod HendersonCounty Sta.60• 33rd multiple-HR game
2739/2566HOUJose LimaAstrodome40 
 1999 - Cubs (63)
2744/111PITMike WilliamsThree Rivers90 
2754/162MILAl ReyesCounty Sta.50 
2764/203HOUJose LimaWrigley Field50 
2774/244NYJosias ManzanilloWrigley Field60 
2785/45COLChuck McElroyWrigley Field81 
2795/56COLPedro AstacioWrigley Field31 
2805/87CINGabe WhiteCinergy Field70 
2815/118LACarlos PerezDodger Sta.60 
2825/149ATLTom GlavineWrigley Field31 
2835/1710FLARyan DempsterPro Player11 
2845/1711FLABraden LooperPro Player80• 34th multiple-HR game
2855/1912FLAJesus SanchezPro Player12 
2865/2013ATLGreg MadduxTurner Field10 
2875/2314ATLOdalis PerezTurner Field10 
2885/2415FLAJesus SanchezWrigley Field30 
2895/2616FLABraden LooperWrigley Field91 
2905/2817STLHeathcliff SlocumbWrigley Field80 
2916/218SDTrevor HoffmanWrigley Field92 
2926/319SDMatt ClementWrigley Field10 
2936/720AZBrian AndersonBank One Ballpark41 
2946/921AZRandy JohnsonBank One Ballpark80 
2956/1422MILSteve WoodardCounty Sta.40 
2966/1823SFRuss Ortiz3Com Park82 
2976/2224COLDarryl KileCoors Field40 
2986/2425COLCurtis LeskanicCoors Field61 
2996/2426COLChuck McElroyCoors Field91• 35th multiple-HR game
3006/2627PHIRobert PersonWrigley Field60 
3016/2728PHIRandy WolfWrigley Field30 
3026/2929MILSteve WoodardWrigley Field61 
3036/3030MILDavid WeathersWrigley Field70 
3047/331PHIPaul ByrdVeterans Sta.52 
3057/432PHICurt SchillingVeterans Sta.20 
3067/1533MINBob WellsWrigley Field81 
3077/1634MINEric MiltonWrigley Field12 
3087/2335NYMasato YoshiiShea Sta.12 
3097/2436NYOctavio DotelShea Sta.30 
3107/2837MONJavier VazquezOlympic Sta.90 
3117/3038NYMasato YoshiiWrigley Field10 
3127/3139NYOctavio DotelWrigley Field21 
3137/3140NYDennis CookWrigley Field80• 36th multiple-HR game
3148/241MONDustin HermansonWrigley Field10 
3158/442MONJeremy PowellWrigley Field60 
3168/943AZBobby ChouinardWrigley Field80 
3178/1444STLDarren OliverBusch Sta.72 
3188/1545STLJose JimenezBusch Sta.11 
3198/1546STLJose JimenezBusch Sta.31• 37th multiple-HR game
3208/1647AZRandy JohnsonBank One Ballpark61 
3218/2048COLPedro AstacioWrigley Field30 
3228/2049COLPedro AstacioWrigley Field60• 38th multiple-HR game
3238/2150COLJohn ThomsonWrigley Field40 
3248/2151COLJohn ThomsonWrigley Field62• 39th multiple-HR game
3258/2552SFKirk RueterWrigley Field60 
3268/2653SFLivan HernandezWrigley Field50 
3278/2954LADarren DreifortDodger Sta.70 
3288/3155SDAndy AshbyQualcomm91 
3299/156SDSterling HitchcockQualcomm40 
3309/357LAChan Ho ParkWrigley Field11 
3319/658CINJuan GuzmanWrigley Field30 
3329/959CINPete HarnischWrigley Field50 
3339/1860MILJason BereWrigley Field60• first player to reach 60 HRs twice
3349/1961MILHideo NomoWrigley Field11 
3359/2862PHIAnthony ShumakerVeterans Sta.91 
33610/363STLLarry LuebbersBusch Sta.32 
 2000 - Cubs (50)
3374/71CINPete HarnischCinergy Field11 
3384/92CINDenny NeagleCinergy Field10 
3394/143FLAAlex FernandezWrigley Field50 
3404/184MONJavier VazquezOlympic Sta.31 
3414/205MONMiguel BatistaOlympic Sta.63• fourth grand slam
3424/236NYMike HamptonShea Sta.31 
3434/267HOUMike MadduxEnron Field70 
3444/288AZRuss SpringerWrigley Field72 
3455/49HOUScott ElartonWrigley Field20 
3465/510PITTodd RitchieWrigley Field40 
3475/611PITJose ParraWrigley Field62 
3485/812MILJim BruskeWrigley Field32 
3495/1013MILJason BereWrigley Field40 
3505/2514COLKevin JarvisCoors Field70 
3515/2515COLMike DeJeanCoors Field81• 40th multiple-HR game
3525/2816SFFelix RodriguezPacific Bell Park90 
3536/317DETMatt AndersonWrigley Field82 
3546/718AZBrian AndersonWrigley Field60 
3556/919SOXKeith FoulkeComiskey Park91 56K | 300K
3566/1820MONJavier VazquezWrigley Field10 
3576/2921PITJosias ManzanilloThree Rivers80 
3587/822SOXJames BaldwinWrigley Field12 
3597/923SOXKelly WunschWrigley Field61 
3607/1424MINEric MiltonMetrodome20 
3617/1525MINJoe MaysMetrodome20 
3627/1626KCDan ReichertKauffman Sta.11 
3637/1627KCDan ReichertKauffman Sta.31• 41st multiple-HR game
3647/1828KCBlake SteinKauffman Sta.20 
3657/1929PHIChris BrockWrigley Field81 
3667/2630PHIMark HolzemerVeterans Sta.42 
3677/2631PHIPaul ByrdVeterans Sta.90• 42nd multiple-HR game
3687/3032SFFelix RodriguezWrigley Field70 
3698/233COLJohn WasdinWrigley Field80 
3708/534SDWoody WilliamsQualcomm32 
3718/735LAAntonio OsunaDodger Sta.90 
3728/1136CINRob BellWrigley Field52 
3738/1437STLAndy BenesWrigley Field50 
3748/1538STLGarrett StephensonWrigley Field10 
3758/1839AZCurt SchillingBank One Ballpark40 
3768/1840AZCurt SchillingBank One Ballpark90• 43rd multiple-HR game
3778/1941AZBrian AndersonBank One Ballpark61 
3788/2042AZRandy JohnsonBank One Ballpark32 
3798/2143HOUScott ElartonEnron Field50 
3808/3044SDBrian TollbergWrigley Field40 
3818/3045SDBrian TollbergWrigley Field52• 44th multiple-HR game
3829/646COLJohn WasdinCoors Field32 
3839/847HOUJose CabreraWrigley Field72 
3849/1048HOUTony McKnightWrigley Field11 
3859/1149CINPete HarnischCinergy Field40 
3869/1650STLGene StechschulteBusch Sta.61 
 2001 - Cubs (64)
3874/71PHIOmar DaalVeterans Sta.40 
3884/92MONBritt ReamesOlympic Sta.51 
3894/93MONMike JohnsonOlympic Sta.71• 45th multiple-HR game
3904/104MONTony Armas Jr.Olympic Sta.61 
3914/155PITMarc WilkinsWrigley Field72 
3924/206PITJose SilvaPNC Park93• fifth grand slam
3934/297SFLivan HernandezPacific Bell Park52 
3945/28SDKevin JarvisWrigley Field40 
3955/39SDTrevor HoffmanWrigley Field90 
3965/510LADarren DreifortWrigley Field41 
3975/911MILJamey WrightMiller Park10 
3985/1012MILAllen LevraultMiller Park60 
3995/1513HOUJose LimaWrigley Field51 
4005/1614HOUShane ReynoldsWrigley Field41 
4015/3015CINChris ReitsmaCinergy Field11 
4026/216MILPaul RigdonMiller Park41 
4036/617STLGene StechschulteWrigley Field70 
4046/1618MINBrad ThomasWrigley Field11 
4056/1619MINJuan RinconWrigley Field40• 46th multiple-HR game
4066/1720MINBob WellsWrigley Field70 
4076/1821STLDarryl KileBusch Sta.60 
4086/2022STLJason ChristiansenBusch Sta.73• sixth grand slam
4096/2023STLLuther HackmanBusch Sta.91• 47th multiple-HR game
4106/2724NYRick ReedWrigley Field11 
4116/2725NYRick ReedWrigley Field30• 48th multiple-HR game
4126/2926CINBrian ReithCinergy Field50 
4137/327NYRick ReedShea Sta.40 
4147/828DETJose LimaComerica Park31 
4157/829DETJose LimaComerica Park51• 49th multiple-HR game
4167/1330SOXMark BuehrleWrigley Field61 
4177/1931PITDave WilliamsPNC Park60 
4187/2132HOUDave MlickiEnron Field10 
4197/2133HOUDave MlickiEnron Field30• 50th multiple-HR game
4207/2434PITOmar OlivaresWrigley Field60 
4217/2835STLDave VeresWrigley Field70 
4228/436LAJames BaldwinDodger Sta.10 
4238/537LAJeff ShawDodger Sta.90 
4248/938COLMike HamptonWrigley Field30 
4258/939COLMike HamptonWrigley Field50• 51st multiple-HR game
4268/940COLGabe WhiteWrigley Field70• third 3-HR game
4278/1141SFLivan HernandezWrigley Field70 
4288/1342HOUShane ReynoldsEnron Field11 
4298/1443HOURon VilloneEnron Field70 
4308/1944AZBrian AndersonBank One Ballpark32 
4318/20-145MILAllen LevraultWrigley Field51 
4328/20-246MILJamey WrightWrigley Field60 
4338/2247MILMac SuzukiWrigley Field11 
4348/2248MILRocky CoppingerWrigley Field52• 52nd multiple-HR game
4358/2249MILRocky CoppingerWrigley Field60• fourth 3-HR game
4368/2650STLDustin HermansonWrigley Field11 
4378/2651STLDustin HermansonWrigley Field50• 53rd multiple-HR game
4388/2852FLARyan DempsterWrigley Field11 
4399/153ATLGreg MadduxTurner Field11 
4409/954ATLKevin MillwoodWrigley Field10 
4419/2155HOURon VilloneEnron Field10 
4429/2356HOUTim ReddingEnron Field11 
4439/2357HOUTim ReddingEnron Field40• 54th multiple-HR game
4449/2358HOUTim ReddingEnron Field60• fifth 3-HR game
• first with three in one season
4459/2759HOUShane ReynoldsWrigley Field10 
44610/260CINLance DavisWrigley Field10• first player to reach 60 HRs three times
44710/361CINChris ReitsmaWrigley Field72 
44810/562PITDave WilliamsWrigley Field40 
44910/663PITTony McKnightWrigley Field30• second inside-the-park HR
45010/764PITMike LincolnWrigley Field80 
 2002 - Cubs (50)
4514/31CINJim BrowerCinergy Field61 
4524/42CINJose AcevedoCinergy Field40 
4534/53PITDave WilliamsWrigley Field60 
4544/114NYPedro AstacioWrigley Field80 
4554/125PITDave WilliamsPNC Park60 
4564/156MONCarl PavanoOlympic Sta.50 
4574/237SFKirk RueterWrigley Field61 
4584/258SFLivan HernandezWrigley Field40 
4595/19SDBobby J. JonesQualcomm41 
4605/110SDJeremy FikacQualcomm80• 55th multiple-HR game
4615/211SDBrett TomkoQualcomm40 
4625/212SDBrett TomkoQualcomm60• 56th multiple-HR game
4635/413LAKazuhisa IshiiDodger Sta.10 
4645/814STLMatt MorrisWrigley Field11 
4655/915MILBen SheetsWrigley Field30 
4665/2116PITJosh FoggWrigley Field62 
4675/2217PITDave WilliamsWrigley Field30 
4685/2518HOUPedro BorbonAstros Field81 
4695/3119HOUOctavio DotelWrigley Field80 
4706/320MILJamey WrightMiller Park50 
4716/721SEAJoel PineiroSafeco Field60 
4726/922SEARafael SorianoSafeco Field62 
4736/1123HOUCarlos HernandezMinute Maid Park30 
4746/1224HOURoy OswaltMinute Maid Park32 
4756/1425SOXJon GarlandWrigley Field31 
4766/1926TEXDave BurbaWrigley Field10 
4776/2727CINScott SullivanWrigley Field80 
4787/228FLABrad PennyPro Player51 
4797/1429FLAVladimir NunezWrigley Field71 
4807/2230PHIRobert PersonWrigley Field21 
4817/2431PHIJose MesaWrigley Field90 
4827/3032SDBobby J. JonesWrigley Field11 
4838/233COLMike HamptonWrigley Field70 
4848/834SFLivan HernandezPacific Bell Park11 
4858/835SFTroy BrohawnPacific Bell Park81• 57th multiple-HR game
4868/1036COLShawn ChaconCoors Field32 
4878/1037COLShawn ChaconCoors Field42• 58th multiple-HR game
4888/1038COLMark CoreyCoors Field52• sixth 3-HR game - ties MLB record
4898/1139COLJustin SpeierCoors Field73• seventh grand slam
4908/1240HOURicky StoneWrigley Field71 
4918/1541HOUBrandon PufferWrigley Field80 
4928/1642ARICurt SchillingWrigley Field90 
4938/1743ARIMiguel BatistaWrigley Field10 
4949/245MILAndrew LorraineWrigley Field41 
4959/1145MONMasato YoshiiWrigley Field50 
4969/1546CINScott SullivanCinergy Field82 
4979/1747NYMAl LeiterShea Stadium40 
4989/2048PITSalomon TorresPNC Park60 
4999/2949PITJosh FoggWrigley Field11 
 2003 - Cubs (1)
5004/041CINScott SullivanGreat American
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