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Jered Weaver took the loss after allowing three runs over 6 1/3 innings.  (David Sherman/Getty)

Opening Day Lineups

  1. 3B Chone Figgins
  2. DH Gary Matthews Jr.
  3. RF Vladimir Guerrero
  4. LF Garret Anderson
  5. CF Torii Hunter
  6. 1B Casey Kotchman
  7. 2B Howie Kendrick
  8. C Mike Napoli
  9. 3B Macier Izturis
  1. CF Carlos Gomez
  2. C Joe Mauer
  3. RF Michael Cuddyer
  4. 1B Justin Morneau
  5. LF Delmon Young
  6. DH Craig Monroe
  7. 3B Mike Lamb
  8. 2B Brendan Harris
  9. SS Adam Everett

Jered Weaver threw 106 pitches, but a couple got away from him on Opening Day as the Twins topped Torii Hunter and the Angels, 3-2, on Monday night.   More >


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